Feels Good to Get Stuff Done

I’ve been working hard on some upcoming things that I CAN’T WAIT to tell you about!

Happy Monday to you!

P.S. How was your weekend? And how has your saving and paying off debt been going?


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  1. Jonnaliz

    I just paid off my credit card debt, which was an incredibly emotional and almost depressing experience. This is actually my second time paying off all my debt again, and it showed me that debt isn't just about numbers adding up but making sure that I am psychologically prepared to make sure I spend within my means and start building a savings account.

    However, I still have a car loan I want to pay off SOON. It's so difficult, because I know I can pay off the car loan by next year, but I also need that money as an emergency fund just in case I get laid off. Like you, I am an all or nothing person. I tried putting half toward debt and half toward saving, but I realized I just kept on itching to get the debt out of the way!

  2. Chelle


    Wow, you paid it all off! Congratulations! What an emotional thing.

    I understand the depression part of it, which would seem like a strange reaction to getting those zero balances. I think it's because you realized that you still have the car payment and need to build the savings account. Sometimes I feel as if there's just no point to trying to pay everything off because something new is just going to come along. I thought I had paid off one credit card this month and then they went and charged me an annual fee of $59, so I didn't get to see that zero balance and that depressed me. Plus, my son is going to need about $30,000 in dental work and the insurance company is of course balking at paying for more than $1500 a year. That means we'll get his teeth fixed in about 15 years. Geez. And…we have a 20% copay for those crowns, which is $200 apiece. There's always something new that comes along.

    Keep on working on it. And come visit Anna' site when you're feeling discouraged. It really helps me to see that she did it.

    Anna, now I want one of those soft serve ice cream cones really badly! Having it at the beach would be even better! :o)

  3. Jessica

    my weekend great Anna! I cant wait to see these new changes you are speaking of! I love your site, its so motivating! I'm making some serious headway on my debt but have gotten a little off track lately. :( I have to admit with summer coming some shopping has gotten the best of me. I wish I could be as hardcore as you and swear off it all but darn girl you have some serious willpower I cannot seem to find! my goal is to be *mostly* debt free by the end of the summer.After that all I will have is my huge evil Discover card bill to pay (About 4K) and then I'll be done! Hopefully after I get these smaller debts out of the way I can put more towards that one to pay off faster.

  4. Anna Newell Jones

    you can do it jessica. don't beat yourself up over it and keep on keepin' on. some months are better than others. last april i only saved $35. just stick with it, even during the crappy/tough times.


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