My Master Plan to be Dubbed ‘Best Valentine Ever’ Without Spending a Cent!
Author: Anna Newell Jones

anna newell jones

anna newell jones

Aaron, if you’re reading this then close the window because, well, Spoiler Alert.

Every year I try to think up something thoughtful and loving to give my husband for Valentine’s Day, and this year is no different. Last month, a friend was telling me about what she was going to do for her and her husband’s anniversary, and this is what she did: she wrote out what she loved about her husband and then she posted it to Facebook for all to see. I think that’s pretty much the perfect gift, because, really, who doesn’t love hearing what’s great about themselves? What makes this even better is that it doesn’t cost anything!

So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve been thinking about all the things I love about my husband… like how he waters the plants every Saturday, how he calls his parents every Sunday, how he wakes up to give the baby his late night feeding on the weekends, how he is really into cleaning and I’m not, how he loves how I fry eggs, how he’s become a very handy man, and how we get hooked on shows and then binge watch them all together. These are the types of things I’m going to write out. I’ll write a long list, we’ll order a pizza from our favorite place and then, I’ll read every last thing that I love about him, to him.

Then, I’ll earn the title of Best Valentine Ever and that will be that. Do you have any master plans up your sleeve? xo, Anna


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  1. alison // February 11, 2014

    sounds like a perfect gift! also, i live in Denver, too–what’s your favorite pizza place?!

    • Anna Newell Jones // February 11, 2014

      Serioz on 17th! We just get the cheese and it’s so freaking amazing.

  2. andee // February 11, 2014

    I don’t have a master plan…yet : ( I love binge watching TV with my husband too; absolutely the best date ever! I have a plan for a hand painted card but that hasn’t happened yet either.

    • Anna Newell Jones // February 11, 2014

      Luckily there’s still time! What are your favorite shows to binge watch?

  3. Jen // February 11, 2014

    Holy moley, I’m sure you know your partner, but if my husband did that I’d be absolutely mortified. And if a friend did it about her partner, I’d probably stop following them- nothing is more annoying than being creepily dragged into someone else’s love life out of nowhere. I’ll settle for a card, some cookies, and some nudity.

    • Anna Newell Jones // February 11, 2014

      Oh! I’m not posting the things I love about him on Facebook. I’ll just be reading them to him privately. He would definitely be embarrased by that too.

      • Jen // February 11, 2014

        Oh whew, that’s WAY better, haha!

  4. Sumer // February 11, 2014

    Sounds awesome. I think telling someone all the little things you love about them is better than chocolate. I have always preferred a heart felt gift when opposed to a empty gift. I have only had one Valentine and it was back in 2010. I did this for him. His reaction was unappreciative and it hurt me and he also didn’t get me anything. At 31 I feel like women like you have snatched up all the good ones. So cheers for finding one of the last good ones left.

  5. Noel // February 11, 2014

    My partner is getting what he always wanted this year- a cancelled V-day! His birthday is today and every year he says Valentine’s Day gets all the glory and his birthday gets put on the back burner. So for once in his life, Valentine’s Day is cancelled and we are only celebrating him! He’s getting flowers, action figures from Etsy (throw back gift), a book he’s been wanting, his favorite Indian food, and a day trip to see an Ice Castle here in Colorado he’s been wanting to see in person. I’m sure there will be plenty of nudity to satisfy everyone and I don’t have to worry about blowing our budget or my calorie count on chocolates and more restaurant food.

  6. Michelle // February 11, 2014

    My husband is a Sous Chef and will be spending his Valentine’s Day in a very busy restaurant until about 1am. Usually he makes a special meal for me to celebrate the holiday but his recent promotion means he will be feeding lots of other people. You would think that working in a kitchen means that he has access to lots of food but typically he comes home starving cause there was just no time to feed himself. So I’m planning on having his favorite, takeout Chinese, ready for him when he gets in. It’s cheap and I know that he will really appreciate it.

    • Anna Newell Jones // February 11, 2014

      That’s super thoughtful! And, you’re lucky to have a guy who can cook!;)

  7. Courtney L // February 11, 2014

    I started doing a “love bomb” on my husband beginning Feb1. I had planned to go up until Valentine’s day, but a death in the family halted it. Anyway…I got 5 gifts in, but the one he loved the most was an idea I got online. An old deck of cards, and on each one I wrote something I loved about him. (similar to what you mentioned, minus the facebook) I taped some old pictures to the box, and he honestly loved it. He was so touched, and it made me feel really good. I also gave him some “coupons” to use this month, like I’ll make the coffee every morning, or a movie date night after the kids go to bed – his choice of movie. Cheaply made but he was so happy to receive them.

  8. The Other Aaron // February 12, 2014

    You know, she did actually spend a little money on it. She printed and framed it. But I think it was a recycled frame from work. She actually didn’t mean to have me see it on Facebook since I saw the post before I got the hard copy!

    • Anna Newell Jones // February 13, 2014

      Ohh! I didn’t know she printed it out! How thoughtful and cool of her to do that for you. Katie is so sweet:)

  9. Pieliekamais // February 14, 2014

    I just wanted to say that you guys look like such cool cats, the both of you. I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy :D I mean it in the best possible way. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. Marianne // February 27, 2014

    what a sweet idea and i recognize that sweet action there too ;)

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