The Best Times To Buy Certain Things
Author: Anna Newell Jones

by ashley g

When the seasons start to change I start feeling like buying stuff. Do you too?

This last weekend here in Denver was a little crispy. It felt like Fall was all up in the air. The change in weather makes me get the urge to buy stuff I need, stuff I don’t need, just stuff. Maybe it’s the change in weather and maybe it’s just general antsy-ness it stirs up. The seasonal change gets me itchin’ for changes to my living space, to my clothing and to the food I eat…

Switch-ups can definitely be good if they don’t include spending money. You know, re-arrange your living room, re-think how you put together your outfits and check out a new cookbook from the library for some new food recipes and ideas.

I’ve learned that the biggest challenge I face when the seasons change is that I want to buy new clothes. I’ve been really tempted to buy clothes because I am SO sick of the ones that I wear all the time. BUT… that usually translates into money looking to leave my pockets. Which, we all know isn’t going to be happening these days! I tried on 4 shirts yesterday and didn’t walk out with a single one because I didn’t love ’em and didn’t need ’em! But, I have to confess that I did buy a robe from the new IKEA on Saturday and I didn’t need it at all. I messed up. This is how it went down… I realized it was just like a hotel bathrobe, you know those huge, white plush ones? Well, I saw it, felt it and then proceeded to convince myself I should probably get it because I have wanted one forever people!

See, still trying to justify it. Shopping is so not the “care-free fun event” that it used to be for me. Now, it’s all been realigned. It’s a good thing. Now, I know a splurge is a splurge and they happen rarely as a treat rather than ALWAYS like it used to go down.

So I need to know, what do you do when you’ve determined that you legitimately have to make a purchase? (Hopefully, you’ve been using the handy Should I Buy It Decision Card too) and what I’m really curious about is are there ideal times during the year and during the week to purchase different things? The below poster illustrates this idea and has some suggestions. (click on it for a larger/readable view)

What do you think? Is there a better time than others to buy certain things? Do you agree with the above chart? Got any purchase timing tricks up those sleeves? If so, I’d love to hear them.

p.s… Happy Labor Day! Hope you’ve got the day off!


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  1. Eden Hensley // January 31, 2013

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for the chart, this is really helpful for buying things that are in budget on your timetable and not the retailers’ timetables.

    To your question about what do you do when you have a legitimate purchase, here’s what I do. First I have a list of clothing that have worn out or are close to wearing out and need to be replaced. I use this list to determine if something that catches my eye is a need rather than a want. Once I decide to buy, I make the moment special. For example, if it’s a pair of jeans, I wear them for the first time on a date night or for family night when we have dinner around the kitchen table. I look at it is a reward for buying what I need and it reinforces that behavior.

    • Anna Newell Jones // February 8, 2013

      I like your idea of making the purchase a BIG EVENT. Great idea Eden!

  2. Sarah // February 28, 2013

    When I click on the image of the chart, it doesn’t work. :(

  3. Beth // August 31, 2015

    I have totally been feeling the same way lately! My friends just decided to have a clothing swap next week as a free way to get “new” stuff while getting rid of the old. Everything I get from these exchanges always ends up being the most favorite things I own!

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