What I Wore To Alt Summit
Author: Anna Newell Jones

what i wore to alt summit

Hah! You thought you had seen your fill of Alt Summit posts, huh! Not quite yet… This post is getting up a little later than I planned, and I almost didn’t post it because of that. But, but, I wanted to show you what I wore to Alt Summit because Alt was something I completely obsessed about and over-spent on mainly because I was nervous that I really wouldn’t fit in.

Before I even heard about the clothes people would be wearing I thought, “I’m in over my head. What am I thinking going?! Who do I think I am!” And then, I heard about the Alt Summit outfits, seriously, it’s a “thing”. Once I heard how everyone would be dressed amazingly it made me think about everything I owned and I felt that much more inadequate. So guess what I did? I started to look at online shops obsessively. I wanted to be good enough. I wanted to fit in. I wanted everyone to believe I belonged even if I wasn’t totally sure I did.

There was a Clue party (where everyone picked a character from the game and dressed as that character’s color) planned for Thursday night and you’ll never believe this – okay, maybe you might – I went through 4 different outfit options. The first option I found online for sale and when it arrived it fit wacky, the 2nd and 3rd just didn’t feel right or look “right”, and I ended up going with the 4th which was a $20 black dress I already owned and just added cheap yellow accessories so I could be Colonel Mustard.

I’d say that 85% of the stuff I wore I already owned but I wasted so much time looking online and in shops and completely over-analyzing everything, and since I over-bought I then had to spend time returning all the crap that didn’t work, d’oh. I hate when I do that over-spending, guilt, then return cycle; such a waste of time.

Turns out, I completely over-thought the entire Alt Summit outfit thing and it was really about jazzing up what you might normally wear; just take your normal outfits to the next level and that just means: if in doubt just wear a crap-ton of stripes and/or polka dots.

I wanted to share this experience with you because I was judging my insides (which I had deemed grossly inadequate) to everyone else’s outsides (which I had deemed amazingly amazing), and all along I was just fine with what I already had and already was.

Morale of the story: Trust that it’ll work out just fine, and don’t look at online shops if you’re stressed.

What I Wore To Alt Summit…

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