See Ya Soggy Bags! DIY Plastic Baggie Dryer
Author: Anna Newell Jones

easy plastic baggie DIY

It seems that every frugal person I know is into washing out and re-using their plastic baggies. I think the minute we decide to be more money-conscious we get a letter in the mail that says, “Just FYI, re-using plastic baggies will now be your ‘thing’.” So, as the good frugal person I am I, of course, wash and re-use my plastic baggies. Everything was going just fine until one day we had to buy a new box of plastic baggies. This made no sense since I should have at least 20 baggies that were ready to be re-used. I knew something was up. Was I not putting them back into the cabinet like I thought I was? Was an elf slipping in and stealing my baggies? Who’s got beef with my baggies? Turns out, my husband Aaron’s got beef with my plastic baggie habit and has been tossing my plastic baggies when I wasn’t looking! Raining on my frugal parade? Yes.

Turns out my constant stream of wet plastic baggies were really annoying him because they were never truly getting dry, and as he now puts it he says, “They were ripe for disease!” Since the plastic sticks together when they’re wet they were always a little damp on the inside. Enter my magic invention (and marriage saver), the plastic baggie dryer! Now, my plastic baggies are always dry and they have a place to hang so they don’t take up valuable dish rack dryer real-estate. First-world problems, I know.

How to Make a Plastic Baggie Dryer (and Stop Annoying Your Husband)…

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How De-Cluttering Will Save Money In Ways You Might Not Have Expected
Author: Anna Newell Jones

my bathroom cabinet barfed

It’s been on my to-do list for FAR too long. Cleaning out the cabinet under the bathroom sink is something I kept thinking:

  • “I gotta do that!”
  • “It’s getting out of control!”
  • “Ugh. I’ll just throw this in there for now.”
  • “I’ll definitely clean it out this weekend.”
  • “I thiiink I have one of those (insert whatever item here) but I just don’t know… better just pick one up to be safe!”

My poor husband Aaron doesn’t get any space in the cabinet, that is, expect for a small glass cup that he keeps some little things in. The over-flowing stacked-up and over-stuffed mess was ALL mine and I knew it.

I finally took Gretchen Rubin’s (author of the book The Happiness Project– highly recommended by the way) advice to “Tackle a Nagging Task”. I sat on the floor and just started. The excuses weren’t cool anymore. The time for action had begun.

It sounds so simple and like such common sense but JUST STARTING – meaning just taking the smallest amount of action can instigate amazing amounts of productivity.

The contents of the cabinet were all over the floor and I started to realize how many duplicate items I had. I had unknowingly been buying things multiple times because I had forgotten I already owned it!

Outta’ sight outta’ mind? Yep. Exactly.

Here’s what I found multiples of:

  • 3 cans of shaving cream
  • 8 (omg) bottles of sunblock
  • 4 bars of soap (plus I have TONS of travel size soaps that I’ve been stockpiling for some reason)
  • 4 Razor blade replacements
  • 2 cans of hairspray
  • 3 bottles of hair gel (I don’t even use it except for on my bangs, maybe)
  • 4 (say what?) bottles of conditioner (plus lots of travel size ones I’m been “collecting”)
  • 1 bottle of shampoo (again lots of little ones I’ve been saving because you just never know, right?)
  • 4 mini promotional tubes of toothpaste
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 3 bottles of sunless tanner (I don’t even use it!)
  • 2 bottles of face mask gel
  • 1 stick of deodorant

Had I kept the clutter at bay I would’ve saved a chunk of money. Lesson learned cabinet. Lesson learned.


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Darning Those Socks
Author: Anna Newell Jones

image via craft zine

Does anyone else have a few hole-y socks tucked into their sock drawers? I have a few for sure! All of a sudden I’ll feel the heel of my foot sticking to the inside of my shoe and then I know that I’ve got a hole in the sock. The sticky foot is a sure sign indeed.

Darning socks seems like a bit of an urban legend to me. I don’t think I’ve even met anyone who’s ever darned a single sock and if I did well, I take that back, maybe I HAVE met someone who darned a sock and maybe we just didn’t discuss it.

“Hey, guess what I did on Monday night? I darned my socks AND IT WAS GREAT!”

Nope. Doesn’t happen.

But, that doesn’t mean sock darning is any less useful or money saving.

I’ve got some socks I’m going to be darning up here any minute so now you can say you met someone who’s darned one. Where I would’ve tossed those socks in the trash in the past now they are getting new life.

This handy tutorial found over at Craft Zine tells us how to get the job done.

image via craft zine

That’s so cute! Who knew!


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