25 Free INSTANT Mood Boosters
Author: Chelsea Overton

25 free instant mood boosters

This is a post by Chelsea who is currently doing a Spending Fast®.

Being on a year-long Spending Fast is awesome for finances but not always so awesome for the brain. It is easy to get bummed out that we can’t go shopping with our friends or buy the latest nail polish colors.

25 Free INSTANT Mood Boosters…

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PARTY DOWN! Camping Trip Under $100
Author: Lauren Johnson

cheap camping ideasThe warmer it gets, the more I want to go camping. Here’s a little roundup of cheap camping ideas if you have the urge for roughing it. Don’t worry, it’s not too rough…

First, find a free destination near you. There are so many cheap campsites around the country, listed on FreeCampsites.net. Going in a warmer month and location will cut down on the gear you’ll need, so that will also save money. Bare minimum pup tents come cheaper than this one, but if you want flaps for a little privacy, this lightweight two-person tent will do the trick. Keep warm with an insanely cheap sleeping bag, if you don’t already have one. For food, you can do better than hot dogs. A dutch oven can help you make easy and inexpensive meals like stews and pastas, over the fire. And unless you’re a real pro, you’ll need some firewood, lighter fluid, and a fire starter for that. (I’ve also heard dryer lint makes good kindling, if you want to skip the fluid). Conserve your wood as much as you can, and gather more from felled dry branches if you can. Clean up your dishes and yourself with this natural soap that’s safe for everything. Also:  smear it on the inside of your socks to prevent blisters. Keep bugs at bay with citronella balm and the dark at bay with a little lantern. For entertainment, pack books, games, and playing cards, and explore the terrain around you!


Any free campsite recommendations? What free stuff do you like to do while camping?

Lauren Johnson is a filmmaker/producer living in West Hollywood who enjoys a great foreign thriller, leisure beers, and non-primary colors.  Lauren also writes the blog LOCONCEPTS.


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Brighten Up Your Life with Confetti Cookies!
Author: Anna Newell Jones

how to make confetti cookies

These are the happiest cookies around. No need to spend money on a therapist, make these instead!;)

How to Brighten Up Your Life with Confetti Cookies…

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98 Super Fun, Cheap Date Ideas
Author: Anna Newell Jones

cheap date ideas

If you’ve been married 50 years, together for 6, or just getting ready to go on your first date don’t worry about how you’re going to afford all that “relationship stuff”. There are a ton of fun, cheap date ideas!

98 Cheap Date Ideas…

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56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money
Author: Anna Newell Jones

things to do instead of spending money

Not spending money? No need to worry there’s lots to do!

56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money… 

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How to Make Homemade Leave In Conditioner
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Today we’re going to make Leave-In Conditioner! This is a fun one!

We all know that there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way and to look a certain way it usually means buying certain things. Those things usually consist of clothes, make-up, and hair stuff. All this STUFF costs money and it adds up QUICK. Very quick.

I’m gonna help you cut another cost. Never again will you have to buy leave-in conditioner or detangler because you’ll be able to make your own! This is a simple and easy recipe and you can use what you already own to make it.

(You might also like this link to my dry shampoo recipe)

1. Is your hair all tangled and dried up? Mine too! Let’s get started!

2. Get yourself a spray bottle. If you have your old store bought leave-in conditioner bottle (with a pump) use that one or pull a spray bottle out of the recycling bin (be sure to wash it out good). Next, grab your conditioner. Yep, just your normal conditioner out of your shower.

3. Off come the tops!

4. In goes your normal conditioner into the empty spray bottle. You’ll want to put approximately 2 TBSP of conditioner into the spray bottle. Then, fill up the spray bottle with water leaving about 1/4 inch of air at the top.

5. Shake it all up and spritz just like you would with the name brand stuff.

It’s just about free and it works like a charm!


P.S. Spray it just at the ends of your hair so you don’t end up with a grease ball head.


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Author: Anna Newell Jones

Rather than look online at all the pretty items that I wanna buy I decided to switch gearz and look at free pictures that make me chuckle instead.

How’s that change!?

The answer: Pretty good. Pretty. Pretty. Good.

via fxxxes

via slithr

via moonbrains

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Cuddley Suze Orman & My New Love of Personal Finance Books
Author: Anna Newell Jones

1255670408928075Never thought I’d say this but I’ve been reading financial books before I go to sleep!

My fave has been a paperback Suze (is it pronounced Suzy or Suz? I’ve heard both) Orman book. The 2009 Action Plan to be specific…despite it being 2010 I think it may have some good tips.

I’ll find myself going through my normal nightly routine and then bam! Suze Orman basically hops into bed with me as my new cozy, financially responsible cuddle bunny.

Never. Ever. Thought I’d see the day. But… here it is upon us in all its glory.

That book is tricky too because it’s shaped like a fun book- you know small and soft and novel sized and then there it goes talking all about being responsible and 401(k)’s and equity and taxes and saving and spending and everything else.

I got a whole other stack of other financial books from the library too. A book about how to Live Large on a Budget (I was excited about that one), a book about getting out of debt, a huge one that is at least 700 pages and some other ones that have been wanting some attention and have been getting desperately ignored. I can guarantee that these books will get a good flipping through… though actually reading them and following the advice given is a whole other story.

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Trade you a Liberry for a Library
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Whether you pronounce it lie-berry or lie-brary nothing is better than the library. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a city that has a library system half as good as the one here in Denver then you’re a lucky little chap.

The library system here is so great because you can go online, type in your library card number then look for any book, movie, magazine, cd, tv series that you’re interested in and then say what branch you want to pick the item up at and they have it delivered there for you.


Can you spell a-w-e-s-o-m-e?

Sometimes, I’ll find myself in a certain well known book store using the camera on my cell phone to take a picture of book covers I’m interested in so that I can then go home and look the title up on the library’s website. Better that than shelling out the money for a book I’ll read once and then it just gets shipped off to the basement only to start the getting-musky process.

There have only been a couple instances where the library didn’t have the item I requested. I still don’t know why they wouldn’t carry the tv series “Hogan Knows Best”. What do they have against big blonde muscle-y wrestlers? It’s not like its a moral issue or anything like that because they carry “The Girls Next Door” and I can almost guarantee they will be carrying “Jersey Shore” just to please Snooki.

Also, I can tell you from personal experience that paying the late fees stinks. Our library recently lowered the check out limit for overdue fees from $10 bucks to $5.  I was bummed as I paid a whopping $7.75 in late fees the other day.


My friend, is NOT in the Spending Fast budge. Never thought I would say this, but the money actually hurt as it left my card. I had been doing so good before the fateful checkout counter run-in.

I’ll suppose I’ll have to forgive you library. You un-wieldy beast you.

I love the library because if I have an interest in a topic either vaguely or huge-ly I can research it from every angle up and down and all for free… that is if it gets returned on time.

So, I’ll keep checking things out and keep my fingers crossed that sooner or later they’ll come to their senses and order “Hogan Knows Best”.


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Day 2 of the Spending Fast.
Author: Anna Newell Jones

roller skating is free






















Rollerblading around a park is free. So, that’s what I did today. Money spent $0.


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