8 Healthy Rice and Bean Recipes That Give Your Wallet a Break
Author: Anna Newell Jones

rice and beans recipes

Rice and beans is usually the first thing that comes to mind (regarding food) when we start thinking about saving money, and why do we think about rice and beans? Because they’re both really cheap, and lucky for us if we choose black beans and brown rice it’s super healthy and filling because of all that fiber they’ve got up in ’em.

Sometimes, I get major buyer’s remorse and a spending hangover (both feel terrible), and I like to take breaks from spending because there’s something about not spending that is, surprisingly, kind of a relief.

If you want to give your wallet a bit of a break here are some super tasty and healthy rice and bean recipes to consider while getting your finances back on track.

8 Healthy Rice and Bean Recipes… 

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98 Cheap and Easy Foods to Make for Under 5 Bucks!
Author: Anna Newell Jones

cheap and easy foods to make

The key to saving money with meals is to look for healthy foods that are versatile and nutritious. Think: peanut butter, oatmeal, canned beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, eggs, almonds, apples, bananas, grapes, fresh or frozen spinach, carrots, kale, canned tomatoes, chicken breasts, broccoli, onions, garlic, brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, tofu, and milk (almond, soy, rice or cow’s). With these staple items you’ll be able to make so many different, inexpensive meals!

Below you’ll find A TON of cheap and easy foods (and meal ideas) that are all under $5! Whatta’ need? Whatta’ need? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snack ideas? I’ve got you covered!

98 Cheap and Easy Foods to Make for Under $5…

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Eating Out of Your Cupboards Made EASY
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Eating out of the cupboards is one of my all-time favorite money-saving tips. While it’s a solid tip sometimes it’s easy to be at a loss for what to make with all that random stuff just hanging out on the shelves. How do you make it all come together? That’s where this site comes in… it’s called My Fridge Food and you check the little boxes of what you have and then it shoots out meal ideas along with the nutritional information!


I marked that I had: beans, bread, tortillas, and peanut butter. I was curious what it would come up with. It revealed many recipes along with items that I was missing for each recipe. I liked that it didn’t just say, “Sorry, you’re out of luck. Didn’t you mean this?” (You know how Google does that if you misspell a word?)

It helps jog your mind about some things to make and I will definitely be using this tool often.

Also, love this photo project about people and their refrigerators.


How do you come up with meals when the food is low and you’re eating out of the cupboards? Do you know of sites similar to this one?


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