How (and Why) to Relieve That Grudge – Letting It Go
Author: Anna Newell Jones

How (and why) to Resolve a Grudge |

As humans, we make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes hurt the feelings of other people, or our own feelings may be hurt. A grudge may be formed when forgiveness seems unattainable, and that inability to forgive can lead to a grudge. The grudge may go on for a few weeks, or it can last for years.

Holding a grudge can have negative effects on our lives and our physical health. Learning how to let go and release any grudges you may hold is super powerful.

You may be asking yourself “and how does this relate to paying off my debt and living debt free?” Well, lemme tell you. Having a grudge costs a lot. Mainly, a lot of time and a lot of energy.

Getting out of debt is about living our best lives so we can focus on the good things in our lives. The things that truly matter, not shitty grudge-like things, you know?

Here are 10 ways to relieve a grudge and learn how to forgive others for a happier, more fulfilled life:

1. Pinpoint the Issue

Some people hold a grunge based on negative feelings without ever really identifying the core, deep-down issue. In order to find resolution to a problem, you have to first identify it. You may have to dig deep to admit the actual problem, but doing so can help you find the solution.

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21 Life Mistakes You Need to Forgive Yourself for Making
Author: Anna Newell Jones

life mistakes you need to forgive yourself for making

Many people try to live by the motto of ‘live without regret’ but it is almost inevitable that someone will regret at least something from their past. In some cases, that regret can make it very difficult to keep moving forward with their life. They dwell on the past and suffer the regret daily.

In order to live a life of progress and growth one must learn to forgive one’s self and look towards the future rather than be consumed by regrets of the past.

By not spending as much time thinking about material objects we’re freed up to think about, and act on the more substantial, meaningful parts of life. This is the perfect time to finally forgive yourself.

21 Life Mistakes You Need to Hurry Up and Forgive Yourself For Making…
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