DIY Stud Pillows
Author: Sarah Ann Noel

DIY stud pillows

Here is what I’ve learned in the world of home ownership: There is always money to be spent. And I’m not just talking mortgage, taxes, insurance, and the like. The thing is, you want to fill your house. This makes it a home. But in light of those other expenses I mentioned, the conversion from house to home can be tricky when you’re on a budget.

In the beginning, I learned these lessons the hard way. I made knee-jerk decisions about furniture, decor, and necessities, filling our rooms with stuff that I eventually wound up hating and having to replace. That’s twice the cost! So now I’m much more contemplative before I buy. I want something that suits our style, suits our needs, and suits our life (ie, can it hold up with two crazy kids and one large dog?).

For, literally, the past two years, we’ve been slowly but surely redoing our living room. We’ve made it through hundreds of carefully thought out steps and purchases, and now I’m finally to the finishing touches.

This includes throw pillows, and if you want to talk about something that seems like an outrageous waste of money to me, it’s throw pillows. I’m ashamed to say, old habits die hard, and in an effort to just get something on the couch, I purchased some semi-coordinating fabric and made some fine pillows. They were fine. But, okay, I hated them. So it was time to research some options. And that’s when I stumbled upon Nate Berkus’s line for Target and found these. They were cute; but $25 only got me a scrawny square that would serve no purpose on our furniture, and the colors weren’t quite what I needed.

Then one aisle over, I found huge, cushy tan pillows–on sale for $15 each! The color perfectly coordinated my new rug and it was a great neutral tone for my bright furniture. I started scheming a bit. Could I knock-off Nate Berkus and get a fabulously larger version of the pillows I craved at a cheaper price?

The answer: Yes! It took a little work and a bit of trial and error; but I now have custom stud pillows, the perfect adornment to my couch corners.

How to Make Stud Pillows…

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8 Ways to Give New Life to (What You Thought Was) Trash
Author: Haeley Giambalvo

8 clever DIYs to give new life to (what you thought was) trash

It’s amazing how you can create a beautiful piece of decor just by putting a new spin on everyday objects. The key is looking for projects that can make a big impact in your home with a minimal investment in time and money. Today I want to show you a few examples of easy projects that you can do with things your might have either thrown away or completely overlooked. Low cost, high impact DIY’s are where it’s at!

8 Ways to Give New Life to (What You Thought Was) Trash! …

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The Easiest DIY Ever – Crinkle Cut Paper
Author: Anna Newell Jones

make crinkle cut paper

Okay, this just might be THE EASIEST DIY ever. But, I had to share it because, you guys, I almost spent $12 on pre-made crinkle cut paper. And then I was like, “Whoa, whoa. What the heck am I doing!? It’s just bent paper!”

Actually, I gotta back this story up because that’s totally not what happened. My husband walked in as I was about to press “Buy” and then he said, “You’re buying cut-up paper?” and then I was like, “Um, yes.” Followed quickly by “That’s probably a dumb thing to buy I guess” and then I walked away with my tail between my legs.

See, old habits run deep. Proof that I’m not “cured” of my shopaholic ways. Mildly “fixed” maybe, but barely.

How to make crinkle cut paper and save yourself $12 (and embarrassment)…

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Soap Saver
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Below is a little tip on soap saving from the lovely Boutique L’Amore.

“I have a little savings tip that I want to share. If you have empty foaming hand soap dispensers instead of tossing them you can save big bucks by reusing them. Foaming dispensers use so much less soap than regular pump dispensers so you can make a big jar of refill soap last a very very long time.

Rinse out the dispenser and fill 1/8 of the way full with your refill soap of choice. It really takes only a small amount otherwise the foaming mechanism gets clogged. Then fill the rest with water, replace lid and shake.

Voila, the same foaming action you love, a lot less moolah.

*be sure to buy the large refill soap in a fragrance you love, because you will be smelling it for a long time to come.”

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