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Thanks for your interest in writing for And Then We Saved!

We’re always on the lookout for writers who have fun ideas for getting out of debt, saving money, making money, minimalism, and tiny home tours! We want to hear your personal experiences and stories. We especially want to hear about detailed strategies, advice, and numbers that relate to your experience and story.

Posts can be one the topic of:

  • Spending Fast/Spending Diet success stories (Here is a list of prompts to think about/answer as you create your post.)
  • Getting Out of Debt success stories
  • Debt-Free Living
  • Frugal Living
  • Minimalism
  • Simple Living
  • Tiny Home Tour (Here is a list of prompts to think about/answer as you create your post.)
  • DIY/How To (Must be related to saving money somehow)
  • Low-Cost Travel/Entertainment
  • Want to contribute but aren’t ready to write a full post just yet? Ask me a question related to money/getting out of debt/anything, and I may answer it on the blog. (Send questions to: hello@andthenwesaved.com with subject line: ATWS Reader Question.)

No matter what the topic is we want super honest, real-life, relatable, and helpful posts.

To have the best chance of getting published follow these steps:

  • Read other And Then We Saved posts so you can see what the tone is of the site, and submit similar content. We’re all about providing fun, non-sucky information. We want readers to feel excited, inspired, and informed after reading your post
  • Your post should be between 500 to 800 words. Write in a friendly, relatable, and fun style. This is not the place for stuffy!
  • Your post MUST be helpful. How will your post help readers get out of debt? Inspire a debt-free life, help grow income, and/or save money? Posts should be practical and should have detailed tips on how others can follow your path.
  • Make sure any links included in your post are relevant and valid. Links deemed to be irrelevant or overly promotional will be removed without notice. If you want to submit a post simply to get your product or brand mentioned then this is not the place for that. Please go to our ad page to find out about our sponsorship opportunities. :)
  • We want real-life examples and anecdotes in your posts. If you haven’t personally experienced what you’re writing about, then refer and link to stories or examples of people who have managed to earn, save or invest money in the way you describe. Any and all references must be credited.
  • Unless you’re a savings writer or “expert”, be sure to stick to talking about your own experiences and things that have specifically worked for you.  Include anecdotes to make your stories and posts more personal.
  • Link to older And Then We Saved posts within your post. We always appreciate it when you link to past posts we’ve published. Also regarding links… make sure any links included in your post are relevant and valid. Links deemed to be irrelevant will be removed without notice.
  • We want to know about you! Include a brief two-sentence bio at the bottom of your post. Share a bit about yourself, your experience, and what makes you an expert on the topic your post is about? Please add a link to your website, blog, and social media profiles so readers can find you.
  • Submit your post as a Word doc attached to your email. Send your post to: hello@andthenwesaved.com with the subject line: ATWS SUBMISSION.


** To submit your post for review, please email it to hello@andthenwesaved.com with “ATWS Submission” in the subject line.**




The very best way to get an idea of what we like to post is to read what we’ve already published. We absolutely LOVE relatable, fun, interesting, practical, inspiring, and helpful advice that will really help readers. Below is a list of a few of our most popular posts. Hopefully this list will give you an idea of what resonates most with our readers.

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If you submit posts and your content is consistently popular we’ll ask you to write for us for pay! Otherwise, we don’t pay but we will offer a link to your website or blog within your bio, and we DO offer awesome post traffic bonuses!

For guest posts that reach certain traffic milestones we want to reward you for writing excellent content. Here’s how it works:

When your post hits 50,000 pageviews, you earn $100.
When your post hits 100,000 pageviews, you earn another $150.
When your post hits 250,000 pageviews, you earn an additional $200.

The total possible bonus on each post is $450. All posts over 700 words are eligible, and traffic received on or after July 13, 2015 counts toward the bonus. We pay via PayPal at the end of each quarter, and we reserve the right to adjust the bonus payments at the start of each quarter (if there’s a change to the bonus thresholds or amounts, we’ll update this page).

We will modify posts to correct for spelling, grammar, content, and clarity but we want your voice and your story to remain so we will always keep your voice as a priority when editing. If appropriate it is possible that we may add a couple affiliate links.

Headlines are great and helpful. Keep in mind that we like catchy headlines that will get readers attention but, that being said, the headline must convey first and foremost what the post is about. If you do submit a headline with your post we may adjust it for SEO or style purposes but we definitely appreciate the headline suggestions because it makes our job a little but easier. :)

Nope. Unless you’re submitting a tutorial or Tiny Home Tour we will create the image for the post.


  • Include any links via anchor text (like this: relevant keyword) and not in HTML format.
  • Use only one space between sentences.
  • Submission of your does not guarantee publication. Your submission will be reviewed, and if it’s a good fit for And Then We Saved readers, it has a good chance of being published.
  • When submitting your post, attach the post as a Word document, and attach any relevant images to the email (if applicable).
  • Any images submitted must be well lit and a minimum of 600 px wide. You also must be the photographer of the images or you must have permission from the photographer to submit the images to us.


** To submit your post for review, please email it to hello@andthenwesaved.com with “ATWS Submission” in the subject line.**

We look forward to reading your submissions! -Anna