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This post is by new columnist Sara Schmutz!

If you are like me, at some point you start to dread the weekends a little bit. It’s always the same. You want to get out of the house. You want to go do something fun. I mean, it is your weekend we are talking about. You are always looking for ideas for family activities. The problem with that is that any weekend activity that is enjoyable is also expensive. That is where I come in. Currently my little family is in it’s 7th year of living off of a college student’s income. It has been little money for a long time. We don’t have the money to go out to the movies or dinner every week. So, we get creative. So creative, in fact, that sometimes it is more fun to not spend money than it is to spend.

So, this weekend when you are dragging your feet over how to entertain yourselves, I dare you to go have a free rainbow scavenger hunt for the evening. What is a rainbow scavenger hunt? Well, first – head over to your local paint supply store and pick out as many pretty paint swatches as you want. The more you get, the longer your hunt will be. Next, combine all those lovely little colors together and staple into a book. This completes your scavenger list.

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You play the game by heading over to your favorite spot. Such as downtown, the local park, a nice beach, or even your own house. Pull out your freshly minted color swatch book and get to work. Start at the first color and, as quickly as you can, find an item in your surrounding area that matches the color. Once you have found the first color, you can move on to the second. Keep looking until you have matched up every color in your booklet!

This game is incredibly fun as a family activity, but would also double as a great group date night. It is great to see what colors really get you stumped. I swear mint green should be easier to find in this world, hopefully you’ll have more luck. Have fun color hunting!

Do you think you’ll try a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt? Is this an activity your family would enjoy?
Sara Schmutz loves to plan parties, lovely DIYs, and attend tea parties with her two daughters. She adores pretty color palettes and confetti. She blogs at Confetti Sunshine.

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  1. Alicia Jay

    Love this cute idea. There are also tons of crafts you can do with paint swatches if you try the booklet idea and then want to recycle them into something new.

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  3. Kris

    Going to do this for my daughter’s Rainbow themed birthday party! The girls can work in teams & it will give me a few minutes to relax! Thanks so much for this awesome idea!


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