How To Figure Out Your Skills & Sell Them For Cash

how to figure out your skills and sell them for cash

This is a post by Chelsea who is currently doing a Spending Fast®.

Since starting my Spending Fast a little over three months ago, I have learned quite a bit more about myself than expected. One of the main things is that I have a lot of marketable talent that I completely didn’t realize. Last Monday I started a new job (hallelujah) and my title went from “Clerk” to “Information Technology Specialist.” I tell you this because my college degree is in Spanish. I have no formal training in computers, I just happen to enjoy working with computers. I realized this a few months ago and added my skills to my resume. After meeting a new friend, I mentioned to her that I was good with technology and she told her boss; the rest is history.

How To Figure Out Your Skills and Sell Them for Cash… 

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17 Things To Do Today That Will Make You Proud of Yourself in a Year

how to be proud of yourself in a year

It’s been said that if you can change one bad habit, you’re likely to change another. This list will show you how being responsible pays (literally). In just one year, watch how making these small investments or spending habit adjustments will implement lasting benefits in your lifestyle.

You can absolutely have a better life! Might as well start today!

17 Things to do Today That Will Make You Proud of Yourself in a Year… 

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Completely Makeover a Room with Paint for Only $30

30 dollar room makeover

When my husband and I bought a spec home, he saw a bigger garage and more room to play…I saw a blank canvas. I immediately fell deeply in love with the wood work and details, but I knew in my decorating heart of hearts that this little room for my son really needed a something to take it to the next level. And that something, my friends, is the best secret (or not secret) in all interior design…Paint DIY! Can I just tell you…a fresh can of quality paint is under $30.00! That is sooooo affordable on any budget, including a tiny budget like mine. But here’s the thing about paint: it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Don’t think you can just throw it up on the wall and call it fabulous. No there are indeed some important tips and tricks you should know when attempting a full room facelift on a $30.00 budget!

30 dollar room makeover30 dollar room makeover

How to Completely Makeover a Room with Paint for Only $30…

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