Are You Overpaying for Your Rent or Mortgage? Let’s See…

how much should your rent be

Housing takes up a substantial portion of every person’s salary. For most people, it’s hard to know when they have devoted too much money to the rent or mortgage. Have you ever wondered if you’re paying too much for your housing?

Use the second line of this percentage calculator to figure out what percentage of your monthly income is going towards your rent or mortgage. Got the number? Now let’s see how you stack up! (after the jump)

How Much Should You Really be Paying for Your Rent or Mortgage?… 

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73 Things I Learned at Alt Summit + Recap

73 things I learned at Alt Summit + Recap

Last week I went to the whirlwind design/blogger conference Alt Summit that is held in Salt Lake City every year. A few people have asked what it was like and what I took away from the experience so, while this post is not related to money or personal finance, I wanted to share since the info might be helpful if you plan on going to Alt next year (or any other conference really)!

This was my first year at Alt so I really need to wrap my head around everything and organize my thoughts, and just a heads up, they are all over the place!

73 Things I Learned (& Re-Learned) at Alt Summit + Recap…

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What Life Looks Like After Becoming Debt-Free!

life after debt

Most people know what it feels like to live with debt, but for many of us the last time we didn’t have mortgages, credit card balances, and student loans, we were too young to own much more than a bicycle and a pack of gum. As an adult do you know what life would look like without debt? Is that even something you consider as a possibility in your life?

I’ll get to it quick- life without debt is amazing! The best news? You can experience it too!

What Life Looks Like After Becoming Debt-Free…

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