Parents: Making Working (Outside the Home) Worth It – 7 Ways to Do it!

working outside the home

Let’s talk about motherhood, money, and work. For a lot of mamas, working outside the home is less a choice and more about financial necessity. And yet, sometimes you can’t turn around without seeing a headline proclaiming how a mother’s career just isn’t worth the expense when you put it all down on paper.

To summarize the majority of these articles: “If you’d only look at how much having a career really costs in morning lattes, designer shoes, hired help, and restaurant lunches, you’d see that you, too, can stay home with your children!”

It’s an alluring idea! After all, if it’s going to cost more to work than you’re earning, there’s really no point in even considering a career. Except that in many cases, it’s also false. Working doesn’t automatically lead to extra spending outside of childcare expenses, and even there you can spend smart.

Let’s assume that no one here is battling a latte addiction and let’s talk about seven ways you can make sure working outside the home is worth it, where money is concerned.

For Moms: Making Working (Outside the Home) Worth It – 7 Ways to Do it!…

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4 Ways to Bust Out of Your Money Comfort Zone

getting out of your money comfort zone

Admittedly, old habits can seem hard to break. When you get into your own daily routines, you tend to wander along through your days without changing too much. This is because routine is comfortable and change is tends to feel very uncomfortable.

When it comes to money, people get set in their ways with how they do things just like we do in other areas of our lives. We pay our bills, put money into savings (ideally) or we avoid our bills and over-spend; everyday waking up and going to work so we can keep our lives moving.

Many times, when we have never-ending debts we tend to shrink away from our obligations because they feel so overwhelming. I know I was stuck in the cycle of doing just the bare-minimum to keep my head about water but when I started to make itty-bitty jolts of progress or when I had money in my pockets it felt weird. I was so used to being broke and struggling that having things go any other way were super forgein. I had to re-train my brain to get more and more comfortable with the idea of things not being how they historically had been. Who would’ve guessed that as terrible as being in debt felt that having money in my account would feel strange too.

Getting Out of Your Money Comfort Zone…

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