Permanent. Semi-Permanent. Not Permanent At All.
Author: Anna Newell Jones

I have something to admit. It felt weird to say last week:  “I am now debt free.” It felt awesome- don’t get me wrong but also weird. I didn’t want it to seem like I was all “Oh, hey! LLookkk at me!! I’m DEBT FREE!” and, I especially didn’t want to make anyone feel worse about THEIR debt situation.

The Spending Fast, The Spending Diet and this very blog started just to try to get myself out of credit card debt. It all started as just a way to keep me accountable in my credit card debt elimination process. When this all started I had no readers. Zero. My mom didn’t even read it. She still doesn’t but that’s okay. She’s got her money so she’s happy.

I never ever thought that through this process I would ACTUALLY become debt free. That thought never crossed my mind. I thought I would die with my college loans. I thought I would MAYBE pay them off a little bit before I started getting a senior citizen discount but even that felt optimistic.

Living a debt-free life wasn’t a possibility for me. It’s wasn’t even remotely fathomable. Can not compute.

I thought those loans and that debt was as attached to me as much as my arms are.

They were there. They always would be. That was that.

1 year and 3 months ago I was $23,605.10 in debt and it feels a shit load better to be on this side of it.

I tell you all this to let you know that there is hope.

There is a way out of debt.

It can be done.

I was able to pay off my debt faster than I ever imagined possible. In a lot of ways it really feels like a miracle happened.


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Author: Anna Newell Jones

tortoise and the hare. image via pinterest


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As Long
Author: Anna Newell Jones

“It takes as long as it takes”. Ain’t that the truth.


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Author: Anna Newell Jones



ALL of IT.

Every last penny.

My. My. My.

This is crazy.

Freaking Crazy.


I never thought it would REALLY HAPPEN!!

The Spending Fast and Spending Diet FREAKIN’ WORKED!

What the heck!!?? Wow… !

See the Total Savings breakdown here.

More details soon!!


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Quick Update
Author: Anna Newell Jones

My Twitter name has just been updated/changed to @AndThenWeSaved

If you were following me at my old Twitter “handle” then we’re still legit and there’s no need to change anything.



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True True
Author: Anna Newell Jones

I ate up a piece of chocolate tonight and this was the little gem of wisdom tucked inside.

Smiling Is Free.

Good point Dove. Good point.

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Down In Debt? Find Inspiration.
Author: Anna Newell Jones

click above image to be directed to original site

I was super excited to find that I was included in this group of “inspiring getting out of debt-ers”. Read about the whole group here.

It’s so cool to see people taking control of their finances, being pro-active, and making the commitment to change their lives and become debt-free!

So cool.


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About Leftovers! Yeah! Leftovers! I Love Leftovers!
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Do you ever find yourself staring at a whole mess of leftovers in your refrigerator? I’ve found that eating out of the fridge and out of the cupboards– using up the stuff I already have is a great way to cut back on spending money. Groceries tend to eat up most of my money thoughout the month.

Stinkin. Groceries! Are! Expensive!

I was thinking people would probably be way more into leftovers if they had a more fun name.

Maye something like: “Deja Vu Meals”.

Seriously. Am I right or am I right!? That’d be WAY more fun.

Or, we could called them: “Hello Again Meals.”

Or: “Hi Again’s”.

Or: “Hey Stranger, New To Town? Nope. You’re Not!”

Okay, now I’m just getting hysterical.

It happens.

What’s your favorite leftover meal? How do you stretch your bucks in the meal department?

fun with the web cam

the web cam fun never ends around these parts

(Totally un-related fact: when my identical twin sister and I were little kids we always thought that if we had our own “identical twin sitcom” we would call it “Deja Vu”. We grew up with that twin show “Sister Sister” so we thought we had a shot.

And, well, we would be hiiillarrious, of course!

We always thought about going to a Twins Festival too. Anyone ever been to one?)

this is my twin kelly on the left (pic was a couple of years ago). we’re doing our famous mary-kate and ashley olsen impression. pretty spot on huh. we could take that on the road i think.


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