Party Down: Home Beer Tasting Party Under $60

how to throw a beer tasting party at home
One of the biggest money-sucks of parties is booze. I can run to the store for a few cocktail fixin’s and walk out $50 later, easily. And while it’s perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to BYOB, it goes over better if you make an event of it. Why not potluck your favorite drinks? Host a fun, relaxed little shindig that makes sharing the point. Everyone you invite to a home beer tasting party shares in the cost of the most expensive part, and more importantly, shares in the community of new and different flavors. You’re giving ownership of the festivities to your friends in their choices, and it becomes a special chance to try new things. Plus, the really picky friends are guaranteed to at least like one of their options.


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Turns Out, Change is Great!

change is great

This is a post by Chelsea who is currently doing a Spending Fast®.

Change can be such a scary concept! Leaving the life rituals that you are used to and starting something new seems almost suffocating at times.

I was living in Ohio and having to work two jobs because after seven months of living there, I still couldn’t find full time employment. The world as I knew it ended and here I am, three weeks later, sitting in my new apartment in North Carolina with not one but two full time job offers. I have no idea which one to pick! How did I get to this point? Does it matter? What an awesome predicament!

Change is awkward and uncomfortable and unfamiliar but sometimes it’s good. Although I am very lonely and unhappy about my recent relationship split, I now have time to focus on my career. Which, when on a Spending Fast, is a great thing! What do I wanna be when I grow up? I have no idea! Now is a great time to channel my energy into figuring that out.

During the move, the bottom drawer to my dresser decided to break. My apartment has a big enough closet that all of my dresser items can fit inside it. As I was starting to take the dresser to the dumpster, I realized that I don’t have a desk. And a desk is really just a dresser without the drawers! So I took that bad boy back inside and started unscrewing the drawer brackets. After about 30 minutes of work, I have a new desk! It got beat up a bit in the move so I will have to paint it but instead of spending money on a desk, I created a free one. I changed something familiar into something new and useful.

After thinking about it, isn’t that what being on a Spending Fast and paying off debt is all about? Deciding to commit to the change instead of pushing against it. Changing your spending habits may seem weird and uncomfortable now but in the long run, it’s going to be beautiful and make your life more functional.


What are some ways a life change turned out surprisingly well when at first you weren’t sure it’d all work out okay?

Chelsea Overton is in the midst of a Spending Fast® and writes about it from North Carolina with her bulldog, Xena the Warrior Princess, by her side. 


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Being Frugal Is Better Than Shopping – Yes, Seriously

being frugal is better than shopping

There can be a certain physical reaction you experience when you are out shopping – something that feels similar to complete euphoria when you find the oh-my-gawd-perfect-handbag or those awesome-fitting-jeans. For some people the reaction goes way deeper in that shopping becomes a high they can’t seem to live without. While not everyone has a true addiction to shopping, it can still be a satisfying experience.

Know what else can be satisfying? Being debt-free for life!

Imagine no longer having the stress of worrying about how you plan to pay your electric bill. Focus on how amazing it would feel to not have to cringe every single time your telephone rings out of fear of a bill collector on the other end.

Frugality can go a long way to debt relief and getting your financial life back on track. Finding ways to save money in your daily life will certainly exercise your mind and your creativity. Frugal can be fun! Not only that but you can achieve so much more by using your powers for good.

Why Frugality Beats Shopping Any Day…

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