Learn to Sew & Save Yourself a Whole Lotta Money!

learn to sew to save a lot of money

Sewing is something that I’ve always wished I could do! I had a roomate in college that was a fashion design major and she always created THE COOLEST things. One time, she even made a winter coat. I was so impressed (still am!) to see the pattern come to life from a piece of paper to something she could actually use; it was kind of fascinating/magical.

I kept telling Aaron about how I wanted to sew some curtains for our new place and then I told him about how I wanted to make a new skirt and new coach pillows and I guess he picked up on a hint I didn’t realize I was putting down because he went and got me a sewing machine for Christmas. When I saw it I thought, “Finally! I’ll be able to sew and make everything I’ve been dreaming about (and save tons of money too)!!”

But then… reality hit and I remembered, “Oh yeah, I have no idea how to sew.” Wouldn’t you know it, I found out about this online sewing course called Home Ec. It’s self-paced, inexpensive, for beginners, and it’s full of 28 tutorials (of practical things you’ll actually use) that help you develop your skills as you go. It’s all about progressive development and confidence building. It’s an exciting course and I’m thrilled that I found out about it since sewing has been something I’ve always wanted to do. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the girls who run the E-Course are super neat people; they make it fun!

learn to sew online

I’m excited to make sooo many things. There is this duvet cover that I’ve got on my list, there are curtains that I want to make for the craft room, and, and, and… I’m gonna be happily busy sewing away, and I can’t wait!

What do you want to make?

learn to sew online home ec

This is a sponsored post but, as always, all opinions are my own :) xo


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Parents: Making Working (Outside the Home) Worth It – 7 Ways to Do it!

working outside the home

Let’s talk about motherhood, money, and work. For a lot of mamas, working outside the home is less a choice and more about financial necessity. And yet, sometimes you can’t turn around without seeing a headline proclaiming how a mother’s career just isn’t worth the expense when you put it all down on paper.

To summarize the majority of these articles: “If you’d only look at how much having a career really costs in morning lattes, designer shoes, hired help, and restaurant lunches, you’d see that you, too, can stay home with your children!”

It’s an alluring idea! After all, if it’s going to cost more to work than you’re earning, there’s really no point in even considering a career. Except that in many cases, it’s also false. Working doesn’t automatically lead to extra spending outside of childcare expenses, and even there you can spend smart.

Let’s assume that no one here is battling a latte addiction and let’s talk about seven ways you can make sure working outside the home is worth it, where money is concerned.

For Moms: Making Working (Outside the Home) Worth It – 7 Ways to Do it!…

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Advertising is now easier that ever and you don’t even have to wait until the beginning of the month to get started!

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Let’s do cool things together! xo! Anna


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