Hey Monday
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Happy Monday.

Today Is The Start.



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Whooo Hooo! Now, Who Doesn’t Love A Newsletter!?!
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Just yesterday the very 1st monthly And Then We Saved Newsletter went out to the masses! Stay completely up to date on all the highlights from the month.

Sign up here!

Pass it along.

Be awesome.

You know, the usual.


**P.S. In other news, I completed our taxes finally last night and the world (my world) is a better place because of it. Soo beyond glad to have that done! Can I get an Amen!


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Taxes Are Only Fun When Cake Is Involved
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Oh, Hey! Just doing taxes. Tallying receipts and adding them all up. I do it the “old school” way. Throughout the year I save every single receipt, every single invoice, every single statement and then categorize them at the end of the year during tax time. It’s a leeeetle bit tedious, and it makes me what to never spend money on anything again. At. All. That’s why I waited until tonight to do this part. I’m sure there is an easier and less painful way but I like to torture myself so I do it this way. I kept putting it off and making big sighs and then asked my husband to get me some chocolate cake.

Taxes with chocolate cake is, I’ve officially decided, the ONLY way to do taxes.

That may look like a lot of receipts/statements/paper for someone who did a Spending Fast in 2010 but I assure you it’s a million times less than 2009’s. For real. For really.

So, I bid you adieu for now and happy tax season.


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Buyer’s Remorse, You Wretched (but Wonderful) Beast
Author: Anna Newell Jones

buyers remorse

There’s nothing quite like the Buyer’s Remorse I’ve been experiencing since The Spending Fast proper ended. My $100 per month “non-needs” limit is feeling a little arbitrary at this point. I’ve bought a few items and then promptly returned them. It almost feels like every store I walk into has a theoretical revolving door.

This is how it’s been going:

– Wander around stores

– Something catches my eye

– “Oh, I’ll just try it on!”

– Think about it

– Debate about it in my head

– Decide I need it

– “No, I don’t”

– “Yes, I do!”

– Buy it

– Let it set there in the bag on my bedroom floor while I think about how I shouldn’t have bought it

– Feel bad

– Go back to store

– Return it

– Feel better (slightly)

I’m not sure why I am even putting myself in these positions of being in stores since it’s not working for me. Going into stores worked while I was on The Spending Fast since I just could easily say “Nope. No. Nooo.” to it all. That was easy. Shockingly easy compared to this. I’ve been putting myself in positions of wanting and since it’s not working out for me I’ve gotta cut this crap out. Why, am I continuing this “shop-feel-shitty-buying-cycle”?

Buyer’s Remorse sucks because it’s making me feel shitty but there’s also a good side to it since that feeling of dread after a purchase is helping me realize that I don’t have to keep an item “just because”.

I can change my mind. I can get that money back into my account. It’s okay. And man, it feels SO much better to have that money back into my account. Geez. A lot better. It eases the guilt. It eases the remorseful feeling. It “fixes” it. Puts it back together again.

It was fascinating to read (on Wikipedia) that Buyer’s Remorse is actually a real anxiety and not just all up in my own head. Other people go through this too. It’s nice to know other people go through it too. It’s nice to not be alone. You know.

Typically Buyer’s Remorse accompanies large purchases like houses and cars. I’m thinking that I’m experiencing it so much because compared to what I WAS spending ($zero) any spending feels like a lot A LOT. It’s all explainable. It makes sense really.

image via fffound

This is what Wikipedia says:

Buyer’s remorse is the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It is frequently associated with the purchase of big-ticket items such as a car or house. It may stem from fear of making the wrong choice, of guilt over extravagance, or of suspecting having been “snowed” by a sales associate.

The anxiety may be rooted in various factors, such as: the person’s concern they purchased the wrong product, purchased for too high of a price, purchased a current model now rather than waiting for a newer model, purchased in an ethically unsound way, purchased on credit that will be difficult to repay, or purchased something that would not be acceptable to others.

In the phase before purchasing, a prospective buyer often feels positive emotions associated with a purchase (desire, a sense of heightened possibilities, and an anticipation of the enjoyment that will accompany using the product, for example); afterwards, having made the purchase, they are more fully able to experience the negative aspects: all the opportunity costs of the purchase, and a reduction in purchasing power.

Also, before the purchase, the buyer has a full array of options, including not purchasing; afterwards, their options have been reduced to:

  • continuing with the purchase, surrendering all alternatives
  • renouncing the purchase

Buyer’s remorse can also be caused or increased by worrying that other people may later question the purchase or claim to know better alternatives.

Buyer’s remorse, when evidence exists that it is justified, is a classical example of cognitive dissonance. One will either seek to discount the new evidence, or truly regret and try to renounce the purchase. 


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Looking For You (CLOSED)
Author: Anna Newell Jones

image via tumblr

I’m looking for people who have interesting/exciting/horrible/great/sad/moving/inspiring financial/money/saving/spending/making do and mending/living simply/living inexpensively stories/experiences/lives that you’re willing to share.

I’m looking for guest writer contributers and people willing to do Q&A’s. This would be for a new weekly section on this blog. Contact me via the Contact button above or email me at: hello@andthenshesaved.com

Can’t wait to talk with you!

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Quality Of Life Issues and Other Very Important Things
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Below is a snippet from an article I found on The Gloss by Jen Dziura. Click on the below section to read the full article. This essay brings up a good issue. It makes me think about “The quality of life issue” and how do I REALLY want to spend the hours of my life? Maybe that’s not the authors point but that’s what I got out of it.

Broccoli. It’s very important.



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Frugal Lips Sink Ships
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Over the weekend I got to the bottom of some lipstick sticks. I know, my life is pretty exciting over here. The drama and excitement is pretty hard to handle. I’m trying to contain all the craziness.

Before the Spending Fast/Diet if I got to the bottom of a lipstick I would just toss it into the trash because well, all the lipstick was gone. Now, things are a little different, a lot different. Since I’m always on the look out for ways to save more, extend the life of things and “make do with” I saw the end of these lipsticks not as the end but as a chance to get crafty.

Yes. Crafty.

Did you know that there is a little chunk of lipstick at the bottom of the lipstick stick that is basically a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? It’s just a little nugget waiting to be found. There is literally a 1/4 inch of lipstick that sits there anchoring the stick of lipstick to the bottom of the stick.

I went to a store that sells lots of containers and I got this empty itty bitty plastic tub that was 76¢. Then, I scoped out the nuggety lipstick goodness (with a couple of toothpicks grouped together) and into the little container it went. I put a bit of Vaseline in there too and swirled it all up and looky there- semi-homemade lip gloss!

images via polyvore


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