Clark Howard Clip

ha! this is a funny freeze frame. aww. cute parents.

So! On Saturday and Sunday I was on the Clark Howard show which is on HLN and HLN is a CNN affiliate. The producers of the show were very sweet and it’s cool to see how they put all the pictures together with the story.

To see the clip click on the above image or click here.

To see my face look wacky/dramatic/blinky look at the below freeze frames from the clip:

funny lookin’

In other news, the hub and I went to lunch with a friend over the weekend. That in and of itself is definitely NOT news. If I ever go out to eat I always try to stretch the meal into 2 meals. Eat half and take the rest home and then eating out and paying the price doesn’t sting as much. Plus, that’s a good technique for keeping the waistline in check too (so I hear…).

SO. On my everlasting quest to save money, spend less and maximize what I’ve got I did something I hadn’t done before. Now, it’s on the verge of tacky but well, okay, I’ll just come out and tell you. I asked our friend if I can have the food that was on a separate plate but was his and it was basically untouched. Basically. I mean, he only took one bite out of it. Then, I took it home and ate it later.

Kind of Totally Tacky, Frugal Warrior or Both? I’m thinking it falls into the BOTH category.

If it was a group of people or someone I think would be weirded out by it I don’t think I would have considered doing that but I didn’t even think twice about it. It was more like that is perfectly good food that is gonna get dumped right into the trash can and well, that’s a meal which means that’s money I don’t have to spend on a meal.

What are your thoughts? Over the line? Or completely epic?

I kid. I kid. Epic, rigghhht. Epic. Plus, that’s a funny word. I mean really, what is epic? The answer is: Oprah. Just Oprah. Not eating someones almost thrown away food. But, it did save me a couple of bucks. And that my friends, is what I’m after.

Buck save-age.

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A Quick Welcome!

anna newell jones on clark howard

Welcome to those of you who have found your way here via the Clark Howard show. Glad to have you!


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This Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Anything


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Feelings, Oh Feelings.

The National Bureau of Economic Research said (in October of 2010) that the Recession actually ended in June of 2009. TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO! This came as quite a surprise to a lot of people (me being one of them) since it seems that we are hearing almost daily about the unemployment rates and the effects of the slow economy.

However, it seems as though 78% of Americans have actually changed their spending habits for the better (!) because of the recession.

I find it particularly neat that most of the spending habits were considered “changed for the better” because of an overall reduction of personal spending.

Not necessarily an elimination but a reduction. That makes it sound SO doable. Cause, it is.

So what do YOU think? Is the recession over? How has  it affected YOUR life? What are your thoughts on this diagram? Love it? Hate it? Think it’s totally wrong or totally right? Tell me all about it.

click above image for a larger view & then click magnifying glass to have it large enough to read 

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Bringing Home The Bacon, Cheddar and/or Bones

Jack Spade makes these great money clips.

They are clever and quite awesome.



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