Quality Of Life Issues and Other Very Important Things

Below is a snippet from an article I found on The Gloss by Jen Dziura. Click on the below section to read the full article. This essay brings up a good issue. It makes me think about “The quality of life issue” and how do I REALLY want to spend the hours of my life? Maybe that’s not the authors point but that’s what I got out of it.

Broccoli. It’s very important.



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Frugal Lips Sink Ships

Over the weekend I got to the bottom of some lipstick sticks. I know, my life is pretty exciting over here. The drama and excitement is pretty hard to handle. I’m trying to contain all the craziness.

Before the Spending Fast/Diet if I got to the bottom of a lipstick I would just toss it into the trash because well, all the lipstick was gone. Now, things are a little different, a lot different. Since I’m always on the look out for ways to save more, extend the life of things and “make do with” I saw the end of these lipsticks not as the end but as a chance to get crafty.

Yes. Crafty.

Did you know that there is a little chunk of lipstick at the bottom of the lipstick stick that is basically a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? It’s just a little nugget waiting to be found. There is literally a 1/4 inch of lipstick that sits there anchoring the stick of lipstick to the bottom of the stick.

I went to a store that sells lots of containers and I got this empty itty bitty plastic tub that was 76¢. Then, I scoped out the nuggety lipstick goodness (with a couple of toothpicks grouped together) and into the little container it went. I put a bit of Vaseline in there too and swirled it all up and looky there- semi-homemade lip gloss!

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Gucci VS Gap?

Gucci is high-end to me as is Gap and Target these days.

Getting name-brand oatmeal would be living the high-life.

This article on CNNMoney is really fascinating and it points out something that I can really relate to. It also brings up an important discussion: “Do I save my pennies and buy longer lasting quality ‘high-end’ items or go with the ‘lower-end’ item that will wear out faster but be less expensive initially?”

Since I’m thinking of my mottos throughout the respective last year of the Spending Fast and this year’s Spending Diet I’m inclined to think “Quality over Quantity” and “Wear It Out” which to me means buy less QUANTITY and have more QUALITY.

So, basically I just talked myself into a Louis Vuitton bag. Hey, the article told me to. Who am I to argue?

Click on the below image to read the full article. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

click above image to read full article


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Let’s Do This


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How are things going? Are you doing a Spending Diet or Spending Fast this year, month, week, day? If so, how’s it going?

I’m feeling like a maniac with insatiable shopping desires lately. I look at magazines and see something I want, I watch TV and see something I need. It’s like I’m constantly being bombarded with consumerism and want and with doing more and getting more to achieve more and more and more. It’s easy for me to think that “if only I had this item or that thing everything would fall into place”. Gotta look the part, right? Gotta dress for the job I want and not the job I have, right? Gotta keep up with the Joneses, right?

In a way I feel like this is our way of life. It’s completely encouraged to consume and buy and be a hearty and wholesome contributer to society. Buy, buy, buy. It IS for the economy afterall.

Make more > to have more > to consume more > to prove that you have money and success!

Jackpot. Mission Complete.

With the Spending Fast I learned that having everything I wanted wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be. With the Spending Fast I learned that it was nice to be free from the gripes of consumerism and materialism. It was nice to not be thinking about things so much.

This year with the Spending Diet I’m trying to find balance between my wants and reality. Reality is that I can’t and shouldn’t buy (or even think about buying) every item that catches my eye. How do I do this? That’s really what I’m trying to figure out these days. I’ll have mainly good days and then I feel like I regress or something. It can be discouraging but I guess I figure I can basically begin anew the next minute and if all else fails, there’s always the “Returns” counter.

I tell ya what, there’s nothing quite like the quality of Buyer’s Remorse that comes after a year long Spending Fast.

It’s its own breed of WHOA.

I don’t want to be struggling with wants and desires and spending and not spending. I want to be a natural saver. Someone who just doesn’t want to spend money. I wonder if I could get hypnotized to get that removed. Any hypnotists out there?

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Little Victories

image by slinkachu

Today’s post is all about a featured COMMUNITY post by Jessie. If you haven’t been to the Community page I implore you to explore it.

She brings up a good topic: Little Victories. It’s so easy to get caught up in the big, massive goals like oh, PAYING OFF ALL THE DEBT. But the reality is there is so much that happens everyday that counts too.

Some examples of things I do: passing up a tasty treat all in the name of paying off my debt, washing a plastic sandwich sack to re-use it the next time one is needed and continuing to turn the heat down a few degrees to save just a few more pennies.

All these little things don’t seem like all that much but they create much over time. That’s what’s so great about little things: they are cumulative.

New habits get formed with each little victory. New habits = major financial results.

Thanks to Jessie for bringing up this topic and thanks to everyone who has shared and continues to share on the Community page.

Bring up what you’re going through already, you crazy cracker.

I mean that in the nicest way possible. Seriously.

by slinkachu

p.s. how freaking awesome are these pictures!? wow

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Feelings and Such

image by felix gonzalez-torres

I feel like I outta and wanna give a shout out to some people/blogs/sites that have been majorly supportive of my blog/story/thingy.

It’s easy for me to forget how great things are and then I get all funky and wahh and eh and meh and on and on and well, life is good for the most part. Even when it is winter and chilly it’s still nice to be alive and be able to breathe and all that.

Besides, when I remember to be grateful I want less and appreciate more. Meaning I don’t feel the urge to spend and I actually truly recognize the awesomeness that surrounds me and how material things don’t matter much at all in the big scope of things, you know.

i used to have a bird that looked like this one. light blue and all. she was really sweet and would have been completely freaked out by that cage/aquarium. this doesn’t have anything to do with this post but i like the picture. that’s why it’s here. longgg caption herreeee realllyy loooonnngg caption.

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Repairs?!! How bout?!!?!

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What about repairs?

Below is an email from a reader. It touches on something that I don’t think I’ve actually addressed on my blog so I thought it might be good to touch on it now.

Shall we?



I was wondering, how did you feel about *paying* for repairs to clothing/shoes/accessories? Was this part of the spending fast? Is this now part of the spending diet? I’m considering my diet, and I think it may need a “repair” allowance….or an “alteration” allowance.


I think spending a small amount on money for say RIT dye to dye clothes is great- it’s a way to extend the life of items with a very minimum amount of money. I would look into ways to try to repair the clothing, accessories and/or shoes yourself. If you can’t do it yourself I’d evaluate if you truly need the item. Would it be cheaper to replace the item entirely? Do you even need the item? Do you even like the item? Do you have another similar item that could replace it? Getting soles of shoes fixed is such a great thing. Cobblers have gone completely out of style but are great. So, I think fix the item if you determine that it’s truly needed. I’d avoid doing an allowance for as long as possible if you decide to do one at all and evaluate each item individually. 

What do you all think?

Also, when is an item past the point of repair? Sometimes, I keep pushing the limit and then wonder if I look half-homeless because of it. When is it time to concede and replace an item!? I need your help.


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Back At It

It’s nice to see you again! I’ve missed you!


The 2nd Month of the Spending Diet is complete!

via tumblr

February savings totals are in. While I (again) couldn’t stick to my $100 “non-needs” spending limit, I don’t feel like February was a bust like I felt January was. I do feel guilty that I couldn’t stick to my limit and it only reaffirms that the Spending Diet is a lot harder than the Spending Fast.

Still can’t believe that…

Despite the difficulties I saved: $1,105.47!

Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

(see the total savings here)

via split pea vintage blog

For March I’m determined to stick to my $100 limit and maybe *fingers crossed* pay off my final college loan next month!


It COULD actually happen! I’m pumped to think it just might!


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