Control Your Money, Control Your Mind 12 Tips

ways to feel more in control of your life

Money touches every. single. area. of life so it’s not super surprising that if your financial life is outta control the rest of your life will feel that way too. When I was in debt I ALWAYS felt like my life was unmanageable. I was constantly thinking thing’s like, “Why can’t I catch up?”, “Why do I feel SO overwhelmed?”, and “How come no matter what I do it just doesn’t seem to make a difference? AT ALL?!?!”

Some times were, of course, way worse than others, and in those really bad times, my thoughts would spiral out of control, running far too fast for me to handle. My money situation left me feeling anxious, worried, scared, depressed, and generally, really, really crappy.

So when you’re feeling all those super shitty things how the heck are you supposed to do what you so desperately need to do? You know, take some freaking positive action? What worked/works for me is to just put one foot in front of the other. That’s it.

While getting control of your life is a process there are some things you can do right away to help stomp out the flow of insanity and get things moving back in the right direction (rather than free-falling into the abyss). Oh, and guess what else?

When you control your money you control your mind.

12 Ways to Make You Feel More in Control of Your Life…

1. Prep for a New Day

Every day is a new beginning – a time to start anew. So be ready for it by preparing ahead of time. If you have to rush around first thing in the morning it can start things off terribly which can progressively make your day feel more out of your control. Each night before going to bed, set out your clothing, pack your lunch, prepare your coffee. Do whatever is necessary to make your morning smooth and un-rushed.

2. Gain Some Perspective

For centuries, people have utilized techniques like meditation and other exercises to clear the mind and gain some fresh perspective. Add a block of time to each day where you sit quietly, breathe deeply, and find your inner-self. You don’t need to sit in any certain position to meditate and you don’t even need to call it meditating. You can just plop your butt down and try to just be.

3. Write It Down

People often feel most out of control when they forget to do necessary things. With so much to remember throughout a day in your life, it can be hard to keep it all straight. Write down your thoughts, ideas, and must-do’s on paper. This is a great way to have total recall and stay in touch with your accomplishments over a 24 hour period. Plus, it feels really good to get it all out of your head. I’m a huge list-maker because it just helps me keep my head straight.

4. Consider Your Brain Clutter

There are a lot of factors in your life that can be causing interference with the things that matter. Take some time to consider what is unnecessary in your day and make a plan for cutting those things out of your life. This may include things that make you tend to procrastinate like television, video games, and unhealthy addictions to your cell phone (I’m raising my hand over here).

5. Boot the Drama Kings and Queens 

We all have people in our lives that can be mentally and emotionally draining. These people often take away too much of our energy, leaving us unable to do what we need to do for ourselves. Take steps to limit time spent with them or cut them from your life entirely. It’s amazing how much time listening to drama takes!

6. Improve Your Methods

If your routine is causing a case of procrastination, make another list of all the things you do in a day. Then brainstorm ways to do your tasks in a different way. Streamline your processes so you’re improving them instead of consistently wasting time on ineffective methods. OR, maybe you’ve never considered how you do things. Take some time to evaluate how you’re doing things and you’ll gain a fresh perspective.

7. When In Doubt, Source It Out

When you spend a lot of time thinking about all the things you should be doing but just don’t enjoy or just don’t have the time to do then it’s time to start considering the benefits of outsourcing. There are tons of people who are looking for odd jobs and they might even enjoy doing things you don’t care for. Likely there are people in your family, neighborhood, and your circle of friends that would love to earn a few extra bucks weeding your garden, mowing your lawn, cleaning your home, or taking care of your laundry. Your peace of mind is worth way more than the few bucks you’ll have to pay out, and then you’ll be freed up to do the things you actually enjoy doing or you’ll have the time to put into your own side jobs that you enjoy.

8. Put the Word ‘No’ Into Practice

Sometimes our lives get out of control because we are quick to give our time over to other people. Learn to say ‘No’ to people and things that aren’t part of your own vision. It’s fine to help out every now and then, of course (!), but don’t feel obligated to say ‘Yes’ just because some asked something of you.

9. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Life is just more difficult when you’re tired. Make sleep a priority and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take life on. Doesn’t like just seem harder when you’re tired? I know it does for me.

10. Find Your Happy Place

When things become too overwhelming, have a place in mind where you can go, and just refocus. You may dedicate a room in your house, your backyard, even the quiet local library can be a place where you can sit alone with your thoughts for a period of time without interruption. Or, if you don’t have those spaces available to you simply step into the bathroom, lock the door and hang out for a 10 minutes. Give yourself that bit of space and time.

11. Utilize Your Good Time

Some people work best early in the morning while others are night owls (that’s me). Whatever time you’re at your best, plan to tackle your more difficult tasks then. Work with yourself, not against yourself. By doing so you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, and you can spend the other times of the day doing the less important (but necessary) work.

12. Find the Positives

Feeling out of control can also bring about a sense of negativity. Make a point to find at least 1 positive every day. Surround yourself with meaningful, inspirational pictures, quotes, stories, and people as often as possible. Feeling grateful for what IS right in your life can help you keep perspective on the things that aren’t going so well.


What about you? Do you have any tips for what helps you to feel in control of your life?


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19 Tips for Relocating (On the Cheap)

tips for relocating across the country on pennies

I just so happen to know a good number of people who are moving now so I thought it would be good to cover some tips for relocating to a new town. Most of these tips will also work if you are just moving across town.

One of my worst moves of all-time was when I was moving to a new apartment right around the corner from where I was living. I thought it would be the easiest move EVER because it was just around the corner so I didn’t pack things as I should. I also drug the whole process out far too long by moving over the course of a few days, instead of just busting it out over a day or afternoon. So, needless to say, now I always pack like I’m moving across the country even if it’s just across town.

Bust it out. Get it done.

Here are 19 tips for relocating across the country (or across town) for pennies:

1. Ask for Assistance

If you are moving due to a job change, be sure to ask your new employer if they offer any type of relocation assistance to help you cover costs of the move and resettlement into a new place. They just might so you don’t want to leave any funds, or help on the table.

2. Hoard Packing Materials

Every time you visit the grocery store ask customer service for any heavy-duty boxes they still have after restocking their shelves. The liquor store is also a good place to get boxes that are segregated which makes packing glasses and knick-knacks much easier. Collect other materials like newspaper and bubble wrap from family and friends to prevent having to spend money on those types of packing materials. Old blankets are a great way to protect the furniture that’s going with you.

3. Start a Packing Timeline

If you are not in a rush, start a few weeks early by writing down a plan of attack. The less stress you have trying to get and stay organized, the less money you’ll spend purely out of convenience.

4. Keep a “Hold All” Box

Keep one larger box or a plastic tub to the side where you will keep all of your must-have items such as packing tape, pens, markers, scissors, paper, important documents, medicines, toiletries, and anything you’ll need until the minute you leave home. This will prevent having to buy new stuff every time you pack away or lose things you need. Keep this box with you at all times so you can get access to these important items when you reach your destination.

5. Keep an “Open First” Box

This is like the Hold All packing box, but not unlike the above box where your priority items are this box will hold what should be considered your 2nd on the list priority items. Give some thought to what items you’ll need (or want) to have right when you get to your new home. Maybe you’ll want to include things like the coffee maker, coffee cups, toilet paper, towels, and toys to keep the kids busy.

6. Label All Boxes

It can be really easy to skip this step or to just do it sloppily. Some people would actually rather go out and buy new items instead of searching through yet another box for something they need. Nip unnecessary spending in the bud by marking each box with a permanent marker noting what room it belongs in with a brief list of what’s inside. Try to avoid my technique that usually comes out at the end of the packing experience where I throw stuff into the boxes and just label them all MISCELLANEOUS…;)

7. Clean as You Go

When you pack up an area, give it a good cleaning immediately after the space has been cleared. This will keep things efficient and prevent you from having to hire cleaners to do your entire residence when you are sick of the moving process. Cleaning will also be beneficial if you rent and are counting on a security deposit refund.

8. Ditch the Junk

Keep a JUNK and GARAGE SALE box close by. While you’re boxing up your keepers, you’ll easily be able to toss your junk and garage sale items into their proper boxes. Moving is a great chance to clear out the stuff that finds a way to accumulate over the years. Plus, you’ll spend more money if you have to move boxes of stuff you don’t even want anymore. Sell anything that is still in good shape by having a moving sale when you near the end of your packing process.

When you make your donation to the thrift store be sure to get a donation receipt because that will come in handy when tax time rolls around.

9. Be a Sell Out

It may benefit you financially to move across the country as light as possible. Consider the cost difference between hiring a large moving truck to haul your large items versus the cost of buying new stuff when you get to your destination. What you discover may surprise you (or it may not)!

10. Check Out Storage Options

For any family heirlooms or pieces you may want back at some point, consider renting a low-cost storage unit to house your items until you can have them set to your new place of residence and cheaper option is to consider asking trusted friends or family to house your treasures in their homes until you can arrange for transportation. If you do decide to go with the storage unit be sure that you don’t forget about it and continue to rack up $50 + a month in fees. (Check out this post for more on the subject: Do You Have Too Much Crap? Money Wasted on Self-Storage)

11. Get Several Quotes on Moving Companies 

If you decide to have a moving company move your stuff be sure you get multiple estimates and quotes before making a decision. You want affordability, of course, but you also want reliability.

12. Pack It Yourself

Moving companies will provide you with a moving team, a truck and a driver all you have to do it pack up the truck yourself and they’ll drive it across the country.

13. Be Truck Smart

If you plan to rent your own moving truck and haul your stuff across country on your own, make sure to only reserve the truck size you need. It can be bad to underestimate the space you’ll need in the truck but it will cost you a lot of extra money (in gas and truck rental fees) if you book a truck that is too large.

14. Pack Strategically

It can be tempting to just fling your boxes inside the truck. Give yourself enough time to ensure you pack strategically using every ounce of space in the most logical way. This way you will be able to make sure everything fits and that it will be protected along the journey.

15. Seek Out Hotel Deals

When you have to travel a long distance and plan to do it on the road, you’ll need to consider stopping to rest. You can find valuable coupons in the books available for free at state welcome centers. Look for coupons for hotel deals and restaurants along the way and online before you leave.

16. Reach Out to Friends

If you have friends and family along the travel route, ask them if you can borrow their couch for a night rather than spending your money on hotel lodging. Plan out your travel time so you can leave some extra time to hang out with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while.

17. Camp Along the Way

If the weather is nice and you don’t have any friends or family along your route, consider camping out instead of staying at a hotel. Pick a campground that has showers and you’ll be set for another day of traveling.

18. Pack a Cooler

Depending on the room available in your vehicle you can save a good amount of cash if you pack your own snacks and drinks for the morning and afternoon. Then, only stop for dinner.

19. Don’t Buy Until Settled In

When you make it to your new home, give yourself time to unwind and unpack. Don’t rush out to the store to buy what you think you need. Give yourself time to sort through your stuff and get set up, keeping a list of ideas along the way. If you rush off to the store the 1st week you’re in town it will likely lead to overspending, especially on things that you don’t really need. The only store you need to hit in the first few weeks is the grocery store.


Do you have any tips that I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear them!


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Thrifty Weekender / 1

thrifty weekender

This is the first post for a new feature I’m starting up for Fridays called Thrifty Weekender. I’ll be rounding-up some of my favorite money-saving, thrifty-living, motivational, or just plain awesome links that I’ve come across recently. There’s just so much good stuff out there that I want to share with you, and since some stuff just doesn’t fit into the usual categories I cover we’re just gonna go ahead and do this! Plus, fun links are fun.;)

  • Would you be into volunteering your debt away? Or is that just kind of like getting a job and using the money from that job to pay off your debt? What would be the perks to doing this program? I like the concept and sentiment either way though.
  • Gotta save up that $$$ to go to Sagrado Cenote Azul in Chichen Itza, Mexico someday. So magical.
  • Pretty sure every mom would love one of these. (Could be easy to make?)
  • The documentary that always, always gets me fired-up to share the getting-out-of-debt hope. Have you seen it? (Maxed OutI’d love to hear your thoughts on it.
  • And, Sophia Amoruso (AKA #GIRLBOSS) really nailed it with this:

money looks better in the bank than on your feet What will you be up to this weekend? We’ll be celebrating my first official Mother’s Day (!!) with a few extra chubby baby snuggles, and we’ll most likely try to get outside a lot since it’s such a beautiful time of year though, if you can you believe it, we actually have snow in the forecast for Monday (!?!!??!!?). All the trees in our neighborhood are sprouting their little green buds and they are beginning to canopy the streets. I just love it when they do that! Happy weekend! xo. Anna


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