Money Isn’t Everything (or Is It?)

money isn't everything

Alright. I never thought I’d be quoting Kanye West on this here blog but there ya go, it went and happened.

“Money isn’t everything but not having it is.” Now isn’t that the truth…


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Thrifty Weekender / 02

imageToday Aaron and I are photographing our first wedding of the season so my sister came into town to watch the baby while we work. We’ve been having fun enjoying the cooler weather at the park and roaming around town. Oh, I love my sisters and brother so much! It’s so cool to have parallel lives with people and to share a history with them.

Let’s jump right in because it’s Thrifty Weekender time!

  • I’ve been known to eat my fair share of moldy bread and tortillas… I just pull off the green parts. Some people think this is super disgusting, and not healthy but I just can’t see not eating stuff just because it’s a little past it’s peak. This is a super helpful video to maximize those ever-expensive groceries.
  • Just like you can acquire physical fitness you can acquire emotional fitness too. Great info for getting the max out of everyday.
  • Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) asks the question, “Are you an Over-Buyer or an Under Buyer?”  Take the quiz to find out which one you are. Or… maybe you’re neither? I used to be a MAJOR Over-Buyer, then I was an Under-Buyer and now I’m a Jussssst-Right Buyer. I had a Goldilocks experience and now I’ve finally found the perfect sweet spot.
  • Oh, I can so relate to #4.
  • Have you wondered about this too?
  • Filing this away for when I need it! Kind of like a personal trainer… but the internet-version. ;)
  • Would you take this much time to fold a bag even if it did save space?
  • An amazing DIY site where everything is made from dollar store stuff !!! Yes, my excitement CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

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Save Money Without Thinking? Yep, Sign Me Up.

savedplus app

You know how when taxes are automatically pulled from your check it doesn’t really seem like you’re missing out on that money since you never saw it in the first place? Yeah, that’s kind of cool in a weird way because while paying taxes stinks because you can’t spend your money the way you want it IS nice that you don’t have to write out a check every two weeks to pay what you owe. This app, SavedPlus, works in a very similar way. Had I known about this app back when I wrote the post 16 Apps that Will Help Make Your Life More Efficient and Help You Save Money I definitely would’ve included this one in the list.

In a nutshell, this is how SavedPlus works:

  • Get the app on your phone (available on iOS, Android, or through the internet if you don’t have one of those devices).
  • Fill out all the info and set up your bank account.
  • Set your goal. Want to pay off your debt? (YES!), want to get money into an emergency account?, want to remodel your kitchen?, all those options are available (plus a ton more). You can even upload a picture of your goal for added motivation which I think is a cool touch.
  • Then, decide how much you would like to save (it defaults to 5% but I would do at least 10%, if you can).
  • When you make purchases your bank and the app basically have a chat and 10% (or whatever percentage you chose) gets automatically transferred from your checking account to your savings account. The app allows save money as you spend by working like a “self-tip”. The app transfers a percentage of every purchase to a destination account (goal) of your choice.

That’s it! You set it and forget it. Other stuff you should know about:

  • Luckily, the app developers are smart and built in an overdraft protector so if your balance falls below a certain amount a transfer won’t be initiated if the balance from the funding account (typically your checking account) is not sufficient.
  • In their latest release (currently available only on iPhone) you can now open up an FDIC insured IRA account with one click and start saving to it automatically.

Anything that helps to make saving easy and painless is a win in my book!

This is a sponsored post but as always, my opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the companies that help to make this site possible! xo!


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