How To Not Give Up On Your Goals Before They Get Enough Steam

how to not give up on your goals

‘Don’t give up!’ It’s a mantra you may have heard throughout your childhood and even now that you are an adult. I know I even say here a lot. I find myself thinking, “What if someone just needs that little push to keep going?!” So I say it and write it often.

Whenever you set goals or aspire to do something for yourself, you may run at it full steam ahead but as time passes you may begin to fizzle out in your enthusiasm.

Since we’re right on the cusp of the New Year let’s consider the phenomenon of New Year’s resolutions. There are tons of funny puns about keeping with these resolutions because of the common knowledge that many resolutions go out the window in just a few months’ time. Gym memberships surge in January but die off in April when people find it hard to stay committed to life changes due to everything else going on in their lives.

To stay on course for goal achievement you first need to set reasonable goals. You need to start simple and build on different steps over time in order to achieve the ultimate goal. For instance, you don’t just say you are going to be rich in a year because it’s not a reasonable goal. You first plan to save $100 a month for six months and take the necessary steps to ensure that hundred dollars is available each month. When that goal is achieved, increase the amount to save more money within the year until you are more financially secure and can aim for higher savings goals.

Realize time is necessary to change your habits. It is believed that it takes 30 days of doing something regularly for it to become habit. You have to ease in to life changes to some extent and it will be the hardest in the beginning. Realize this upfront and you will go into the change with the right expectation. As an example, when you begin to exercise regularly, it’s really hard starting out because of sore muscles and fatigue. But the more you improve your physical fitness over time, the more energy you have and the stronger you feel.

The same concepts ring true with money. It can be really hard to stop spending money, to stop heading out to the mall for fun, to stop Googling online sales deals. But after you incorporate better financial management plans and activities into your life, it will get easier! The more positive results you see will make the changes easier to cope with and stick to for long into the future.

For me, the secret was learning how to say “No” to myself. I love to spend money and if I can step out of the cycle of overspending and guilt to finally get myself out of all my heavy debt then you can too!


What’s your plan for staying motivated with your goals for the next year? 


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Don’t Give Up…

dont give up before the miracle happens


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Let’s Talk Christmas Tree Costs: Real Vs. Fake

real or fake christmas tree This is a post by my husband, Aaron. – Anna

A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your entire christmas celebration. Hours are spent decorating it and staring at it afterwards. It’s what people congregate around, it’s where the presents go. It’s no debate that a Christmas tree is an integral part of the holiday season, but what is debatable is the decision to go real or fake with the Christmas tree.

Here are a few things to consider when making your choice of Real Vs. Fake this yule tide season...

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The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at the Movies – 45 Tips!

ultimate guide to saving money at the movies It’s cold out around most of the country so that means it’s time to hunker down, get cozy and watch some movies! If you’re headed to the theater this season be sure to take along some of these tips by my husband, Aaron. -Anna I’m a huge movie buff. For me, movies are definitely on my Needs list, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look for ways to save money when I go.

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at the Movies – 45 Tips…

1. Matinee

The most obvious way to save money is by hitting the theater at off times. Matinee showings are usually discounted by a few bucks. Not only are matinees a good way to save money, but also it’s one of the best times to go see a movie. The theaters are quieter, you have your choice of seats and it’s a great way to beat the crowds.

2. Second-Run Theaters 

If you aren’t in a rush to see the movie on Opening Night, consider waiting a few weeks until the flick starts making the rounds at second-run theaters, which are way cheaper for both admission and snacks.

3. Drive-In’s 

There aren’t a lot of drive-ins left but they still exist and if you are lucky enough to have one close by, these are the way to go. Drive-in’s usually charge by the car-load rather than by the person and they don’t care if you bring food in. Oftentimes they’ll also show a double feature which is great, and at the very least, the nostalgia is worth it.

4. Avoid 3-D

Here’s a biggie. If the movie doesn’t warrant a 3D showing, avoid the extra cost. A lot of movies get pointlessly made into 3D and it adds nothing to the movie but a higher price tag. Ask yourself if it’s worth the up charge before paying additional fees. Do some research. If a movie is receiving high praise for visual effects, don’t be afraid to pay the extra cost because it could enhance your experience, and really be worth the extra cost.

5. Avoid IMAX

Again, don’t pay extra money just to sit in an IMAX theater for a movie that doesn’t deserve such an experience. Yes, IMAX theaters are cool, but really, how large does the screen need to be? Don’t get duped either… most theaters that advertise “IMAX” screens actually have screens that are way smaller than true IMAX theaters so be sure you know what you are paying for.

6. Take Advantage of Discounts Available to You 

If you are a student, in the military or a senior citizen, whip out that ID card and start asking for discounts. If you are none of those, but still feel you deserve a discount, it never hurts to ask.

7. Watch at Home

This one is a bummer but really, the best way to save money at the theater is by not going to the theater at all. Nowadays, a lot of movies are available at home the same day the they hit the theaters with your cable On Demand feature. It’s a lot cheaper to do that and eat snacks at home instead of going to the theater. Plus, you can invite as many people over as you like. For the Extreme Cheapskates, (you might offend some people) you could even consider charging a cover.

8. Be Patient

Again, the best way to save money by going to the movies is not going. Before you head out the cineplex, ask yourself “Is this movie really worth the cost of admission?”. If it’s not, just wait ’til it comes on DVD or hits Netflix. It’s not like the olden days where it takes a year for a movie to hit DVD (or VHS back then). Movies hit the rental market immediately (see above tip) or come out only a few months later. If you chose to wait to see a movie, you won’t have to wait long anymore.

9. Go Solo

Leave the significant other at home and go enjoy a movie by yourself. It will be half the cost, plus you won’t have to share your popcorn and sodie pop.

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Do you happen to have a favorite and would you like to read about anything in particular? If so, I’d love to know about it!


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All Ships Rise…

all ships rise

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