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This is a sponsored post but, as always, my opinions are my own. 

If something is tedious I won’t stick with it. It’s one of those things I’ve learned about myself over the years. To stick with something over a period of time (like the Spending Fast, or anything else), I’ve got to make things really easy on myself. For most things if something is over-complicated I’ll be over it in a hot second… along with my commitment to it.

Coupons typically always fallen into the, “Nope. Not messing with them, not worth my time!” category. As much as I wish I could get behind clipping, gathering, and organizing I’m just not into it so I try to not make myself feel bad for not being into it. Even though I KNOW there is money to be saved, and great prices to be had because people are clearly super successful in the saving money department if they have their couponing act together.

My thoughts about the whole “couponing-thing” started to change when I checked out BluePromoCode, which just so happens to be “the web’s most reliable search engine”.

couponing made easy with blue promo code

First of all, the site is super attractive. I know that’s kind of a weird thing to say about a website, but it just is. If you’ve gone to most coupon or deal sites they are cluttered messes, and the first thing I find myself thinking is, “Ugh.” Quickly followed by, “Nah. Not worth it.” So, I was pleasantly surprised to see super a nice, clean layout.

If I was you, I would be wondering, “Alright. Coupon site. What makes it special?” I know these things because I asked myself that exact thing when I was approached to write a review about the site.


Here’s the lowdown:

  • After you sign-up you are prompted to follow stores. I would only recommend following stores that you would buy from anyway. We all need household items, and since they’re going to get bought anyway you might as well save some money on them (Target, Home Depot, etc.). They have coupons for just about everything, along with coupons for some more unique stores too. Like for one of my all-time favorite sites, Etsy. (I’ve never seen coupons offered for Etsy before so that kind of blew my mind.)
  • As you follow stores you are creating your Personal Feed.
  • When you go to the site you’ll see all the deals and coupons for the stores you’ve followed in both printable and electronic versions. That’s an expected feature but what I really like is that you can choose to receive emails that highlights your deals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. (I like that they don’t bombard you will a ton of emails everyday if you don’t want them).
  • You can “clip” coupons by clicking the little heart that’s within the coupon square, and then it will be saved for future use. The “clipped” coupons are saved under “My Saves” so you can be reminded about the deal before the coupon expires.
  • They also give you extra info with “Inside Tips”. It’s really interesting because they tell you things that you don’t get to see elsewhere… like how many coupons the store has per month, the store’s average deal duration, and the average savings provided by the store’s coupons. I think that’s pretty cool because I’m a Virgo, and Virgo’s are into stuff like that.


All in all, BluePromoCode is a solid, good-looking;) resource for saving some bucks in a quick and easy way!

Thank you for continuing to support the brands and sites that help to make this site possible! xo, Anna

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How to Make Money Selling Your Old Stuff – Tons of Tips

yard sale

make money on your junk yard sale

I got a whole buncha questions about how I was going to make money on all the stuff that I just got rid of through The Minimalist Challenge so a post is definitely in order. Throughout The Challenge you saw that I labeled each of the items as: SELL, DONATE, or TRASH. Wanna know how I made the most of  “a bag of clothespins” or “miscellaneous postcards from 15 years ago”.

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5 Quick, Efficient Ideas for School Year Snacks

school snack ideas

Hey there, I’m in New York City this week shooting a few more instructional videos for PNC Bank (I’ll be showing pics from the week on my Instagram if you want to follow along.) so here is a very timely, back-to-school post by Mr. Mike Dariano. xo, Anna

I don’t know exactly what my children do at school but whatever it is they must be doing it nonstop. They must be like little hummingbirds, buzzing from room to room, activity to activity, because when my kids finish school each day they are starving. If their teacher is training them to be sherpas on Mount Everest I wouldn’t doubt it.

There was one day when all my daughter had as a snack was a handful of TicTacs and granola bars. I felt bad about this and vowed to plan better snacks for them but vowing and having are two different things. Now that the school year has just begun, we have less time and more things to do so our snacking needs to be organized better.  Here’s what I’ve done to avoid any more TicTac lunches.

5 Quick, Efficient Ideas for School Year Snacks…

1. Make Efficient Use of Your Time: Slice three apples at a time.

My kids love Gala apples and they’re a regular snack around our house, unless we don’t have time to eat them. I could let them eat a whole apple but at five and three years old they’re messy enough. Instead I slice three at a time and put them into a container in our refrigerator.  If they want them at home, they know where to find some.  If we’re rushing out the door, I know where to grab them from.

2. Keep it Simple: Buy only one brand.

In our house we love granola bars so, we’ve settled on Cliff bars as the only granola bar in our house. My goal was to limit the amount of sugar in a granola bar and increase the amount of protein and these bars fit those 2 needs. The secret to having them when we need them? Don’t let them ever enter our house. Keep them stored in the car so they are always ready for emergency hunger attacks.

3. Make Inexpensive Veggies Accessible: Broccoli and carrots.

It our house the easiest veggies are simple, sliced broccoli and carrots. When these come home from the store they each immediately get cut into dippable pieces and placed in the refrigerator next to the apple. Besides being ready for the kids they also make easy vegetable additions to dinner.

4. Skip the Expensive Pre-packaged Snacks: Make it at home.

Rather than buying pre-packaged trail mix we make ours right at home. I’ve found that if the kids make something they immediately like it. We gather up all the possible trail mix ingredients and start mixing together the cereal, nuts, dried fruit, and candy together and portion it out in zip top bags so we can grab these and go out the door. This is also a really great way to use up foods that might be going bad soon.

5. Do Not Buy Bottled Water: Bring your own re-usable bottle.

Water is great but expensive bottled water is not. That’s why we keep our water bottles at the ready. At school my daughters seem to be interested in everything except for keeping themselves hydrated so when they settle into their seats after school they are thirsty little animals.  At night we put out our water bottles along with shoes so they too are ready for the next day.

There is a lot of running kids around so with a little bit of planning ahead, we can do without stopping at McDonald’s every other day.  Most of what we do is to have things ready to go by the door and we keep things in the car. Once we got over the hump of starting the new habits we all became healthier and the snack portion of the budget got a lot smaller.


How do you save money on after school snacks? If you have any secrets we’d love to hear about them in the comments!  

Mike Dariano is a father to two daughters, walker to two dogs, and husband to -thankfully – one wife.  He writes at


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