12 Free Ways to Watch Movies Without Breaking the Law

free ways to watch movies

I love the excitement of the movies, the escapism, I even love the smell of that fake popcorn butter that is poured out of what appears to be a gallon jug of butter. Yes, the butter comes out of a gallon jug. (Never watch that part.)

But what I don’t love about the movies is the cost of a ticket. At a nationwide average of $8.38 per ticket, a spontaneous jaunt to the movies is out of my budgetary reach. Luckily, there’s a ton of legitimate resources out on the web to get my movie fix. And I don’t even have to put on pants to leave the house or break the law.

12 Free, Completely Legit Ways to Watch Movies Without Breaking the Law…

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16 Posts That Will Kick Your A$$ Just Enough to Motivate You

Here are 16 of my favorite posts that will give you just the right jolt to keep that New Year’s Resolution going strong! Or… if you didn’t make the resolution to get your finances straightened up then maybe these 16 posts will be just the kick in the pants that you need to get started! It doesn’t need to be the start of a new year to change your life. You can start anytime! – Anna

you have everything you need

You have everything you need.

just because something is hard doesn't mean that that is enough of a reason to give up

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean that that is enough of a reason to give up.

you are capable of doing and becoming more than you realize

You are capable of doing and becoming far more than you realize.

destroy what destroys you

Destroy what destroys you.

what life looks like after becoming debt-free

What Life Looks Like After Becoming Debt-Free

commitment is deeply liberating

The Irony of Commitment is that it is Deeply Liberating

it takes a lot of guts to change your life

It Takes A Lot of Guts to Change Your Life

leaping into the unknown

Leaping Into the Unknown to Change Your Life

never trade what you want most for what you want in the moment

Never Trade What You Want Most for What You Want in the Moment

collect moments not things

Collect Moments Not Things

just when you think about giving up remember why you held on

Just When You Think About Giving Up…


Don’t Underestimate Your Capacity For Change

today is the dayToday is the Day

how to change your lifeHow to Change Your Life 

make your own luckMake Your Own Luck

nothing worth having comes easy

 Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy


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Happiness Cannot be Owned, Earned, Worn, or Consumed…

happiness cannot be owned, earned, worn, consumed

Happiness cannot be owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is a spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

That might sound like a tall order but if we can stop and be grateful for what we have then we’ll stop trying to hunt down material items so be can have more and be better. It’s okay to just be. You’re right where you’re supposed to be at this very moment. Even if you’re in a shitty place mentally, emotionally, or financially take a second to think of 3 things that are going okay with your life. Now, do that for the next 2 weeks and you’ll dramatically improve your quality of life, and it’s totally free.


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7 Signs That You’re Turning Frugal into a Dirty Word

turning frugal into a dirty word

Living frugally and saving money when you can are skills that should be applauded, but when you cross the line from frugal to “cheapskate” or even worse to “miser” – it’s probably time to reconsider your financial strategies. Now, don’t get me wrong, being a Cheapskate with a capital “C” can be a good thing but you know what they say about too much of a good thing…

7 Signs That You’re Turning Frugal into a Dirty Word (and Becoming a Miser)…

1. You Look For Ways to Skip Out on the Tip or Part of the Bill

If every time you go out to eat you look for poor quality meals or service in order to find ways to get a discount or justify the lack of a tip – you’re not being frugal, you’re just being a miser. You don’t have to accept poor service, but if you make it a habit to find something wrong with your meal hoping to get a discount, or skimp on the tip because the waiter was a little slow to bring your refill – you’re going too far. (You might like this post: A Dilemma – Out with a Group and They Want to Split the Bill Equally)

2. You Never “Buy a Round” or Give to Others

If you go out with friends and enjoy it when they buy a round for everyone but you never do the same, you’re a miser. Not everyone can afford to buy a round for a group of people, but if you accept a free drink or meal from a friend repeatedly and never repay the favor by at least buying that person a drink or meal – not only are you a miser, but you’re not a very good friend! Remember life is about give and take, you can’t always take. You might be surprised how good it feels to be the “giver” once in a while.

3. You Skip Required Maintenance for Your Car or Home

Sure, you might save a few bucks by skipping the oil changes or not getting new brakes when they start squeaking, but the lack of maintenance is going to cost you a whole lot more in the long run. Not only that, but skipping home and car maintenance can result in safety issues and puts you and everyone around you at risk for injuries or health problems.

4. You Only Ever Think About Money

It’s clearly important to think about your financial situation and to be proactive with saving for retirement – but if you can’t seem to think about anything other than money, you’re probably starting to go off cheapskate charts. You shouldn’t cause yourself anxiety over buying a pack of gum at the gas station once in a while, especially if you have been responsible with your money and aren’t carrying loads of debt.

5. You Cause a Scene in the Checkout Line Just About Every Time You Buy Something

Does something take over you when it’s time to pay for your purchases that causes you to bully the cashier over coupons or discounts you think you are entitled to? You should be persistent if you have a coupon that should be accepted at the store, but if it causes you to become disrespectful and downright rude to try and get your savings – you’re a miser.

6. You Control Your Family or Partner By Withholding Money

If you are in charge of the family finances and routinely deny your family members access to money, you are a cheapskate with some serious control issues. If you’ve ever said “No, you can’t have money” for something your spouse wanted because your spouse upset you earlier with a non-financial issue – you may even be crossing the line to emotional abuse.

7. You Criticize Other People for How They Spend Money

It’s not really your business how other people use their money, but if you find yourself criticizing people for spending too much money or telling them they waste their money – you’re a miser. Criticize people long enough and you’ll stop getting invitations to spend time with the people you criticize!



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My $110,618.02 Birth Story

my $110,618.02  birth story

After seeing this story about a man’s $55,000 appendicitis operation  I thought it would be good share my story too. Clearly, serious things must be done about our healthcare system here in the U.S.

My $110,618.02 Birth Story…

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The Decision to Try…

every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Make 2014 the year that you conquer your debt! You can do it!

Take the Get Out of Debt Pledge and change your life forever!


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