Let’s Plan Some Meals (+ A Whole Slew of Meal Planning Templates!)

making meal planning fun + meal planning  templates

meal planning templates If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve been having a major sweet-tooth lately. There’s something about cold weather and baking that I just love! While I would eat brownies for breakfast everyday I try to resist the urge and instead I’ve been making this amazing blueberry, banana, cinnamon, and walnut baked oatmeal. Also, while I am definitely not even close to being a “foodie” I have been trying to get more into cooking actual meals and not resorting to my go-to’s: eggs and toast, a bowl of cereal, or just eating the other random foods I find in my cupboards.

I’ve found that if I actually make plans on what to eat I not only save money at the grocery store but I make way more creative and healthy meals. I’ve acquired a nice collection of cookbooks (most of which have been given to me as gifts) so a couple of days ago I pulled them all out went through them with a pad of little sticky notes and marked which ones look both tasty and like I might be able to pull off.

I looked for recipes that had common, everyday ingredients. If a recipe called for something exotic (to me) like: farro, pepitas, tarragon or harissa then they were no longer an option. I hate buying uncommon ingredients for recipes and then only using them once, twice, or never again. It just bugs me too much to waste food and money like that. Read More »


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My Master Plan to be Dubbed ‘Best Valentine Ever’ Without Spending a Cent!

anna newell jones

anna newell jones

Aaron, if you’re reading this then close the window because, well, Spoiler Alert.

Every year I try to think up something thoughtful and loving to give my husband for Valentine’s Day, and this year is no different. Last month, a friend was telling me about what she was going to do for her and her husband’s anniversary, and this is what she did: she wrote out what she loved about her husband and then she posted it to Facebook for all to see. I think that’s pretty much the perfect gift, because, really, who doesn’t love hearing what’s great about themselves? What makes this even better is that it doesn’t cost anything!

So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve been thinking about all the things I love about my husband… like how he waters the plants every Saturday, how he calls his parents every Sunday, how he wakes up to give the baby his late night feeding on the weekends, how he is really into cleaning and I’m not, how he loves how I fry eggs, how he’s become a very handy man, and how we get hooked on shows and then binge watch them all together. These are the types of things I’m going to write out. I’ll write a long list, we’ll order a pizza from our favorite place and then, I’ll read every last thing that I love about him, to him.

Then, I’ll earn the title of Best Valentine Ever and that will be that. Do you have any master plans up your sleeve? xo, Anna


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Unconventional Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

unconventional ways to save money on your wedding

It’s wedding planning season so this is a super wonderful guest post by Melanie is right on time! – Anna

10 Unconventional Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding…

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Aspire to be More…

aspire to be more

Aspire to be more, not to have more.

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How to Make an Inexpensive Large Art Frame

large art frame diy

Yesterday we talked all about how to make large art prints for your home for very little money, and today we’re going to talk about how to hang those bad boys up!

It’s tempting to want to tape the prints up or to nail them straight into the wall but this is a very easy and inexpensive way to give a little more of a finished look to your prints and overall space.

How to Make an Inexpensive, Large Art Frame…

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Make Your Own Large Art for Only $9!

engineer print diy

make your own large art for only $9

make your own large art

We’ve been in our place for a year now and we just recently started to do some decorating. Partly because we just haven’t decided what we really want to do, partly because I was pregnant for most of the last year (that was completely distracting), and partly because the walls are big and tall. In the living room there is a railing/shelf thing that the previous owner installed so we’ve had little prints just kind of thrown up there and they looked cute for about a minute until they started to feel disorganized and clutter-y. Since my in-laws were coming out to visit the baby I decided it was the perfect time to spruce up the place, and finally make some decorating decisions.

Before we moved in I envisioned very large dark, moody, flowery, tall bush photographs on our main living room wall. If we had those types of bushes here in Denver I would go take some photographs of them, save my pennies to pay for nice color prints, convince my husband that very large photographs of flowers would look amazing (and not old-lady-like), and then that would be that – vision fulfilled!

Since we don’t have large flowering bushes here and since I didn’t want to spend a lot of money right now I went with my backup idea that I’ve got to admit, turned out pretty cool. I was able to give our living room a whole new look for only $27 – the cost of 3, 3×4 foot prints!

I created large engineer/draft prints of vintage stock photos, and each print only cost $9!

How to make your own very large art for only $9…

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