Are Prefabs the Affordable and Sustainable Way to Own a Home?
Author: Anum Yoon

Are Prefabs the Affordable and Sustainable Way to Own a Home? |

You need a house, pronto. You need a large, roomy and comfy place to live in, without having to deal with rent and annoying neighbors.

Fair enough. But there’s one problem: You can’t afford a traditional, site-built house.

Granted, you can take out a loan, but even loans can get pricey over time. So what’s a poor homeowner to do?

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How to Make Over $700 Selling Used Books
Author: Kyle Taylor

How to Make Money Selling Used Books |

It’s a bit of a horrifying experience the first time you walk into a college bookstore. I remember the first time saying to myself, “You want a $145 for that?” To say I felt ripped off is an understatement, which is why this side hustle I’m about to share is all the more delicious.

I’ve written previously about how I sell used books online for extra money (“How to Become a Used Book Hunter“), but that involves going to garage sales every weekend and sweating the summer heat. Today I’m going to show you how to buy textbooks online at sites like Consider it my sweet revenge against the bookstores that overcharged me as a college student. :)

Here’s how to do it…

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Simple Money Rules
Author: Melanie Gnau

Simple Money Rules

According to Warren Buffett, the rules of money are simple. “Rule number 1: Never lose money. Rule number 2: Don’t forget rule number 1.” And yet, we often break the rules. We lose money on bad investments or that late-night TV gadget. We lose money in the pockets of old jeans and from mindless online shopping. And the worst part about losing money isn’t just losing money, it’s losing your pride.

Have you ever broken Warren Buffett’s simple money rules? Tell me about it in the comments.

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Real-Life Spending Faster: Nancy
Author: Nancy

Real Life Spending Faster Stories |

I’ve got some exciting news! Starting today we’re going to start featuring some real-life Spending Fasters! We’ll still be following along with Melanie, Jenn, and Kelly’s Spending Fasts and Spending Diets but this new column with be more of one-off posts. We’ll get insights on how these Spending Fasters got started with their Fast, why they decided to take the Spending Fast or Spending Diet approach, how it’s been going, what the future plans are, and other fun stuff like that.

I get so many awesome emails from you all, and it always blows my mind what you’re accomplishing with the Spending Fast and Spending Diet. I’m super excited about sharing more of the awesome getting of of debt inspiration with you! (Btw, if you’d like to share your story in this new column shoot me an email with the subject line: Real-Life Spending Faster! to

Today, we’re going to get the party started with Nancy! – Anna


Real-Life Spending Faster: Nancy

My name is Nancy. I’m 40 and have been teaching in the same district for 12 years. I take home about $1,000 a week, which is decent pay, but I live in Westchester, New York. In case you’re not familiar, Westchester is a suburb of NYC, and living in Westchester takes serious money. My awesome husband works in the city.

After two years of expensive (and exhausting) fertility treatments we still have no children. (We do have one round, sweet, old kitty cat.)

My husband and I have our finances semi-separate. We have access to each other’s accounts but we each maintain our own except for an emergency savings fund that we make joint decisions on. Both of us pay any credit card charges in full at the end of each month – YAY!!! We have no car payments thanks to our thrifty philosophy about vehicles (to be expanded upon at a later time…)

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Your Baby Registry: What Do You Really Need?
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Registering for a new baby: What do you really need? |

Hey, Anna!

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in August, and as I’m going through the “Must-Haves” on the registry site, I’m seeing a lot of things that seem more like “wants.” I know every family and every baby is different, but I was wondering—What were you told was absolutely required, but that you found completely unnecessary? What were you hesitant to get, but once you had it, you wondered why you waited so long?


Thrifty Mom to Be


Dear Thrifty Mom to Be, First of all congratulations!

Every baby is completely different but for us, here are a few of the things we’ve found unnecessary: Read More »


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Money Is Not The Only Answer
Author: Melanie Gnau

money is not the only answer

Money is not the only answer. I could always use more money, but I also feel like I need more time. I need more time to spend with my family and more time to work on my dream projects. And sometimes money can help me buy more time. I recently (begrudgingly) shelled out for a personal trainer to show me how lift weights so I’m not wasting my time during my workouts. It’s made a huge difference in how I workout. I now don’t waste time wondering what I should do.

Do you struggle with needing more time? Have you ever exchanged money for time? Talk to me in the comments!


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8 Quick Tricks to Get Yourself to Eat at Home More
Author: Anna Newell Jones

8 quick tricks to get yourself to eat at home more


We all know eating out is expensive but do know exactly how much more you’re getting charged than if you were to cook at home? reports that pop is marked up 800%,  potatoes 977%,  pizza 600 to 800%, salmon 900 – 1000%, chicken noodle soup  has a 1650% markup, and since eggs wholesale for less than 10 cents apiece — and are one of the least labor-intensive dishes — they are one of the absolute most marked up restaurant foods with the average egg dish costing $5-$12.

Eating out is easy, fun, and quick but if you find yourself indulging a bit too much you may be pushing your wallet to the limit. Today, I’ve got 8 quick tricks to get yourself to eat at home more.

8 Quick Tricks to Get Yourself to Eat at Home More…

1. Don’t let yourself get too hungry or tired.

Who hasn’t been on the way home after a long day at the office and you know the last thing you want to do is cook a meal. Be sure to take an actual lunch break and eat snacks throughout the day if you need to. Also, resist the urge to stay up late scrolling through an Instagram black hole into the wee hours of the night so you get all the sleep your body requires.

2. Plan ahead.

Having a plan in place will help you end that omnipresent question: “What should we eat for dinner?” Pre-planning your meals for the week really doesn’t take that long (use these free meal-planning calendars) but it makes a huge difference with how much time and money you can save by doing so.

3. Make it fun. Read More »


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There Is Nothing So Habit-Forming As Money
Author: Melanie Gnau

There is Nothing So habit-forming as money

Starting a new habit is hard. Starting a new habit when you’re busy and broke, that’s even harder. But there is nothing so habit-forming as money. It can be a great motivator. I hate running, but I know I’d run faster if I saw a crisp $100 bill at the end of the finish line.

Have you ever tried to use money as a motivator to help you reach your goals? Let me hear about it in the comments!


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