Never Spend Your Money Before You Have It
Author: Melanie Gnau

Never Spend Your Money Before You Have It |

People get into debt for a variety of reasons, but one of the big ones is spending money before you have it. And it’s so easy to do, right? We whip out that credit card one too many times and suddenly we’ve got a bigger balance than we can pay. It happens to the best of us. I’ve recently taken to leaving my credit cards at home so I don’t have the temptation to swipe recklessly.

How have you stopped yourself from spending money before you have it? Talk to me in the comments!


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One Reader’s Unbelievable Success Story!
Author: Ashley Arnett

Change the Course of Your Life | And Then We Saved

I just have to tell you that my jaw dropped when I read Ashley’s email. You’ll see why when you read about her inspiring story. She got creative, tapped into her skills, maximized her time, and in doing so was able to completely change the course of her life. Um, yeah. She’s totally inspiring! – Anna


Hi Anna!

I just wanted to let you know our story. About a year and a half ago, my then-boyfriend and I were talking about getting married. My parents don’t have much money, so we knew we would have to pay for the event ourselves. Then, I worked as a server at Olive Garden, and my boyfriend had just moved to the area and was in the process of finding a job. We needed money. Neither of us were very smart spenders or savers, so I started fishing around the Internet looking for help/advice, and I stumbled upon your blog. Your story is so amazing! How you were able to pay off so much debt in such a short amount of time is amazing! Your posts were entertaining and informative and I was glued to the screen all night.

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16 Ways to be More Assertive (& Why It Matters For You Financially)
Author: Anna Newell Jones

16 Ways to Start Practicing Assertiveness and Build More Confidence Today |

Assertiveness is an essential communication skill that allows you to express what is on your mind in a clear, concise manner.

Some people may hear the word “assertive” and confuse it with “aggressive”, but it is actually a super positive skill that can greatly impact you and your finances. Just think about all the job interviews, co-workers, and networking events that you’ve been involved with. For me, the people who always stand out are the confident ones. For these people assertiveness goes hand-in-hand with their confidence. It’s just part of the package, and because of that package it’s not a coincidence that success follows them around like a lost puppy dog.

Assertiveness is a skill that is definitely worth mastering. Some people have a natural ability to be assertive while others could use some serious practice. If being assertive doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s totally okay! Luckily, it’s something that can be taught, and with practice it gets easier and easier to implement.


Here are 16 ways to be more assertive today…

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The Man Who Craves More
Author: Melanie Gnau

The Man Who Craves More |

Perspective has so much to do with wealth. If we are the man (or woman) who craves more, we’ll never be wealthy and we’ll never be happy. We’ll always be looking for that next bigger, shinier toy or that new and improved thing-a-ma-bob. During my quest to save money I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching. I’ve had to find out what is important to me and I’ve learned to be more grateful in the process.

Has changing your perspective changed the way you think about wealth? Talk to me in the comments.


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Real-Life Spending Dieter – Track Your Spending to Save 1K
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Save $1,000 by Simply Tracking Your Spending |

Seriously, ATWS readers are BEYOND inspiring. Check out this success story from Brenda… 

Hi Anna!

My 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in July 2014, which as you can imagine threw us into a tailspin. Our entire family (7-year-old son included, who has ADHD—so the change was challenging for him, too) underwent a total lifestyle change as we learned how to best manage my daughter’s blood sugars. I’m pleased to report she is a happy, playful, healthy little girl who has adapted beautifully.

Needless to say, the cost of her management came as a bit of a shock.  My husband and I each bring home decent pay, yet money just seemed to disappear. So, I got serious. I tracked where every dollar went and I tried your Spending Diet idea.

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12 Good (Financial) Reasons to Get to Know Your Neighbors
Author: Anna Newell Jones

12 Good Reasons to Get to Know Your Neighbors |

Some people are very fortunate to have great neighbors that they interact with every day. I happen to be lucky in that area. There are for owners in my particular area of the building, and we all like each other and get along really good. We are part of a bigger complex (2 buildings total), and there is an HOA involved with the management of the property. I shared some of my experience with our HOA in this post: Belong to an HOA? Dude, I Feel Your Pain. How to Cope…

If we didn’t live in a condo I doubt we’d know many of our neighbors. Most of our friends don’t know their neighbors. I don’t know about you but it seems so easy to just stay in a little bubble and not interact with people much. A sign of the times, maybe? When I was a kid growing in Newport News, Virginia, we knew all of our neighbors and hung out with them ALL THE TIME. It was fun, and helped build a sense of community.

If you’re one of the many you also has no idea who their neighbors are, I would like to suggest some benefits of befriending them.

Here are 12 reasons why it can be highly beneficial (and financially-wise) to introduce yourself around your neighborhood and get to know your neighbors:

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Deciding on a Spending Fast “Saving” Strategy
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Pay Down Debt or Build Up Savings? |

Hey, Anna!

I recently started the spending fast and have a quick question: Dave Ramsey suggests putting aside $1,000 in savings at the beginning. Do you also recommend this? I don’t really have any savings, so this might be a good idea.


Savings vs. Debt Dilemma


Dear Savings vs. Debt Dilemma,

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Beware of Little Expenses
Author: Melanie Gnau

Beware of Little Expenses |

“It’s just a $5 latte.” “It’s just a $10 lunch.” “It’s just a $20 t-shirt.” It’s so easy to justify small purchases, but we all know those small purchases can add up. Beware of those little expenses. Don’t let small leaks sink your big dreams.

Let me know how you are making small savings count in the comments.


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