6 Easily Adoptable Traits of People Who are Nuttily Successful with Money

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Nuttily successful with money? Yes. You know the ones. They never have a problem buying impulsively, they have their retirement plan totally figured out, they have zero debt, and money in the bank. Basically, they just have it together money-wise, and not in the it-just-looks-like-they-have-it-going-on-in-the-financial-department but they legitimately do.

So, what personality traits make some people successful with money while others seem to struggle financially… sometimes for their entire lives? You may think people who are successful with money have uncovered some secret to wealth or maybe they have just popped out of their mama’s vajayjay knowing how to save. It seems people who reach their financial goals tend to share common character traits – rather than secret knowledge or an innate know-how.

Here are common character traits people who are successful with money share – so, luckily, if you don’t currently have these traits, you can work to develop them in order to reach your own financial goals (I’m a natural-born Spender who has changed their ways so I know it’s possible;).

6 Easily Adoptable Traits of People Who are Successful with Money:

1. They Embrace Frugality

Believe it or not, some of the richest people in the world are also some of the most frugal. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is still known to drive a moderately priced Acura sedan, despite being a billionaire. People who are successful with money lead meaningful lives that are not generally based around material belongings and don’t base their self-worth on material items which allows them to save more money than people who need “things” to feel better about themselves.

2. They Have Patience and Perseverance

People who are financially successful tend to be patient and will stick to the plan instead of changing course at the first sign of trouble. Investors who spend time researching an investment strategy, and then have the patience to stick to that strategy tend to do better than investors who panic and then sell at the wrong time. In 2008 and 2009, when the market took a serious downturn, Fidelity research shows that investors in 401(k) plans who remained invested were rewarded in June of 2011 with a 50% return – while those who panicked and sold or moved their money ended up with only a 2% return in 2011. People who remained invested and continued to contribute to their plans gained an average of 64% during that same time period – so it pays to persevere and have patience.

3. They Have a Healthy Tolerance for Risk

People who are successful with money don’t hide from risky situations – instead, they understand what the risks are, and then use various strategies to take advantage of it. Ultra-conservative investors rarely see big returns, but ultimate risk-takers often lose it all in a blink of an eye. There has to be an understanding of the risks for each situation, and a good balance between safety and risks when it comes to what you do with your money. Having a healthy tolerance for risk in general, is also useful for people to advance in their careers or become successful business owners.

4. They Have the Ability to Ask for Help

Financially successful people are not the type to feel they need to do everything themselves and learn everything there is to know about every last detail in life. Instead, they tend to be the type of people who can ask for help when they need it. Most people who are successful with money have sought outside advice from a financial advisor or use CPA’s for their tax returns to find areas for saving that they themselves may be unaware of. People who have success financially recognize that people with specialized knowledge, and experience are more likely to know details about things that they themselves may never know – and they could be missing out from that lack of knowledge. In terms of investing, a study by Hewitt Associates and Financial Engines shows that investors who get outside advice and assistance are 2% richer annually than those who do it all on their own. Damn.

5. They Have a Never-Quit Mentality

Whether you are looking to reach financial goals or personal goals, one character trait will serve you well: don’t give up. So many people are quick to walk away from anything that becomes difficult, challenging, or confusing. If the road to success was an easy one, everyone would be successful. Learn to embrace challenges, and learn that fighting through something when you’d rather give up is the exact thing you need to do to overcome the obstacles and reach your goals. That being said, if something isn’t working for you — even if it’s just a book you’re reading that you’re no longer feeling — don’t keep going with it just to say you finished. You’ve got to trust those gut instincts so you don’t waste your precious time. Really, this comes down to knowing when to throw in the towel, and when to keep going despite difficulties. These skills get honed more and more with time, and take practice to get right.

6. They Have a Go-Getter/Entrepreneur Mind 

People who are successful with money have to learn ways to make more money, and often that leads them to a path of entrepreneurship. When you are an employee, you have income limitations and ceilings that prevent your growth. While it is still possible to invest and become successful, as an entrepreneur, the only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. Financially successful entrepreneurs have another set of traits that the average population may not possess which lends to their success:

  • They take action – Entrepreneurs don’t wait for someone else to do something – they take action and get it done themselves.
  • They’re not afraid to fail – People who create and start things from scratch are not afraid of failure. In fact, entrepreneurs are generally the type of people who embrace failure and see it as a stepping stone that brings them one step closer to success.
  • They able and willing to change – Entrepreneurs and financially successful individuals are not afraid to change. They recognize when things are not going well and learn when it’s time to change direction to avoid wasting money with ideas that are not fully developed.


What traits do you have and which ones do you need to work on?


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The Less You Have the Better

the less stuff you have the better andthenwesaved.com

“The Less You Have = The Less Stuff You Crave = The Less Money You Need to Live”

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much my little family consumes quite a bit lately since doing The Minimalist Challenge, and from clearing so much out. (Well, I always try to keep it on the top of my mind but you know, life stuff happens and wiggles in, and sometimes it moves lower on the list of priorities than I would like it to.)

I started thinking about it like this, the less stuff you have = the less stuff you crave = the less money you need to live. I think the key is to fill the time up with other things than shopping and consuming so keep yourself BUSY! Check out 56 Things to do Instead of Spending Money for some ideas.

Start with clearing out, being grateful for what you have, and continue that cycle so you need less money to live on. Then, you don’t have to be stuck doing a job you hate to be able to afford all the crap you don’t really need.


What do you think? Do you find that you crave less when you keep things simple and then throw a dose of gratefulness into the mix?

**Post update: I removed the graphic so I can fix the mistake in it! D’oh. Thanks to Angela for pointing it out on Facebook! Fixed it:)


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Minimalist Challenge Update / 04

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

It’s time for an update on how The Minimalist Challenge has been going! Apparently, I’ve decided to take the “go at your own pace” approach.;) I got up to Day 29, and I still have our basement storage unit to go through so I will have absolutely, no problem making it to Day 30 of The Challenge. I’m curious how much stuff I’ll be able to get rid of once I go through that area.

So from Day 1 to Day 29 I have cleared out a total of 435 items! It feels so good!

Today the update is for Day 19 to Day 29. The bulk of this stuff is from the Craft/Catch-All Room.

Day 19, Get rid of 19 things:

  • SELL – Labels x 3
  • SELL – Pom poms x 3
  • SELL – Paper decorative fans x 3
  • SELL – Tape measure
  • TRASH – Card holders that you put in flowers x 4 (Uhhhhh… why do I have these!??)
  • SELL – Craft twine/ribbon
  • SELL – Miscellaneous craft supplies x 3
  • SELL – Bead organizer

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 20, Get rid of 20 things:

  • TRASH – Cedar blocks that don’t smell anymore x 3
  • SELL – Ribbon
  • TRASH – Happy Birthday banner that is missing letters
  • TRASH – And Then We Saved banner that is also missing letters
  • SELL – Flag banner (with all its letters!:)
  • SELL – Notepad
  • SELL – Frosting cake decorating thing
  • SELL – Knuckle ring
  • SELL – Temporary tattoos
  • SELL – Headband
  • TRASH – A brass thing (I have no idea what this is)
  • SELL – Miscellaneous craft supplies x 7

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 21, Get rid of 21 things:

  • SELL – Bag of feathers (counting this as 1 item)
  • SELL – Embroidery iron-on transfers
  • SELL – Notecards
  • SELL – Labels
  • TRASH – Fabric scraps and samples x 7
  • SELL – Fabric x 10

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 22, Get rid of 22 things (this one was so easy;):

  • SELL – Embroidery floss x 22

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 23, Get rid of 23 things:

  • SELL – Embroidery floss x 11
  • TRASH – Mardi Gras necklaces x 6
  • SELL – Small notebook
  • SELL – Letter stickers x 4
  • SELL – Empty box that you put baked goods in for gift-giving

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 24, Get rid of 24 things:

  • SELL – More empty baked goods boxes x 2
  • TRASH – Random cake toppers x 6
  • SELL – Mini box of “A” stickers
  • TRASH – Rubber stamp block
  • TRASH – Cake decorating instructions and tips x 2
  • SELL (?) – One of my first weavings
  • SELL – Notecards/postcards/miscellaneous stationary x 11

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 25, Get rid of 25 things:

  • SELL – Bag of blank paper hang tags (counting as 1 item)
  • SELL – Bag of clothespins (I only have one small clothesline in our place so I definitely don’t need all these! – counting as 1 item)
  • SELL – Baggie of homemade hair ties (don’t need these anymore since my hair is short now;) – counting as 1 item)
  • SELL – Baggie of blank small cards (counting as 1 item)
  • SELL – Little bag of homemade stickers (counting as 1 item)
  • SELL – TONS of cards and stickers that I just haven’t used in years x 20

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 26, Get rid of 26 things (this day was easy too):

  • SELL – Postcards and notecards x 26 (I’ve had those Man Ray postcards – the black and white ones on the right – since I moved to Denver in 1998. STILL haven’t used them so it’s finally time to say goodbye.)

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 27, Get rid of 27 things:

  • SELL – MORE random cards x 12
  • SELL – Random envelopes of all sizes x 14
  • TRASH – Customs form

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 28, Get rid of 28 things:

  • SELL – Clothes x 3
  • SELL – Tea towels x 3
  • SELL – Door hooks x 2
  • SELL – Retractable key ring
  • SELL – Plate wall hanger
  • SELL – Hand sanitizer
  • SELL – Air freshener plug-in thing
  • SELL – Air freshener smell thing that doesn’t fit in the wall plug-in thing
  • SELL – Vitamins
  • TRASH – Box of hard raisins
  • TRASH – Almost empty bottle of cocoa butter lotion
  • SELL – Glass tray
  • SELL – Lanyard
  • SELL – Electronic cord
  • SELL – Bag of cords for Apple products (counting as 1 item)
  • DONATE - Unused mini lotion
  • DONATE – Unused mini tissue pack
  • SELL – Key identifier
  • SELL – Lens cleaning spray
  • SELL – Brass door knob plate
  • TRASH – Sippy cup that spills water all over the place
  • SELL – Tote bag
  • SELL – Square credit card reader

minimalist challenge andthenwesaved.com

Day 29, Get rid of 29 things:

  • SELL – Metal containers x 3
  • TRASH – Miscellaneous little things x 9
  • SELL – Baby bath scrubby
  • SELL – Embroidered tea towel
  • SELL – Unused iPhone case
  • SELL – Clipboards x 3
  • SELL – Small muslin bag
  • SELL – USB drives x 5
  • SELL – Cast iron skillet (I’ve since changed my mind on this one, and have pulled it out of the pile so I’ll add another item to one of the upcoming days)
  • TRASH – Bag of paper straws (they’ve fallen on the floor a few times, and I’ve saved them for potential craft projects – counting as 1 item)
  • TRASH – Plastic disposable pie lids
  • SELL – Rectangle container
  • SELL – Striped box


Have you been doing The Minimalist Challenge too? If so, how has it been going, and how many items have you gotten rid of so far? How does it feel? 


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