How to Make Money Blogging
Author: Anna Newell Jones

how to make money blogging

Making money blogging… it sounds elusive, right? But, really, it’s not as tough to do as you may think. You get to make your own hours, you get to work in a coffee shop or at home in your pj’s, you get to be your own boss, and you get to share something that interests you with others. Blogging is an amazing way to make some extra money or support your entire family (if things really take off).

I started blogging at the very end of 2009, and I had no idea that I would be able to make a single cent from blogging, and that definitely was not the goal. Once I learned more and more about the blogging industry I started to see the opportunities to make a little bit of money here and there. What I never expected was to learn that I would be able to make a good chunk of money from my blog every month. That was (and continues to be) mind-blowing!

There are SO many bloggers that are making a good part-time or even full-time income from blogging, and you can do it too! To make money blogging there are a few things you should know though before you get started. I’ve learned a lot over the years (mainly from messing up along the way) so I’m going to tell you what has and has not worked for me. I will also tell you how you can start your very own blog.

We live in such an exciting time because we get to make our own opportunities! I can think of so many people who have completely changed their lives because they decided to start blogs. It’s kind of insane when you think about it. You don’t need a degree or a certification to start a blog, you need very little money to get started, and the profit margins are super high. However, I have to be honest. Blogging is not a magic, snap-your-fingers make shit tons of money with no hard work type of endeavor. Blogging takes a TON of work, effort, and determination to be successful. But! If you’re willing to put in the effort you can absolutely be successful and make money blogging just like I do!


Today, I’m Spilling the Secrets. How to Make Money Blogging… Read More »


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Financial Fitness
Author: Melanie Gnau

financial fitness

Financial fitness takes time, effort and dedication. Just like physical fitness, there is no magic pill, no overnight success and no easy route. Financial fitness is a lifelong journey, but the trip is just as important as the destination.

How do you sustain longterm financial fitness? Let me know in the comments!



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I Got Bills
Author: Anna Newell Jones

bills by lunchmoney lewis

A reader (Ashley H!) shared this with me on my Facebook page and it’s too perfect. Had to share with you all here. Bills by LunchMoney Lewis.


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The Financial Planner of Your Dreams
Author: Anna Newell Jones

the financial planner you've always wanted (click through for details) annanewelljones ninjandninj

the financial planner you've always wanted (click through for details) annanewelljones ninjandninj

the financial planner you've always wanted (click through for details) annanewelljones ninjandninj

the financial planner you've always wanted (click through for details) annanewelljones ninjandninj

the financial planner you've always wanted (click through for details) annanewelljones ninjandninj

the financial planner you've always wanted (click through for details) annanewelljones ninjandninj

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already gotten a sneak peek at this financial planner but if you don’t follow me yet (you should!;) then let me tell you all about it!

For the past few months I’ve been working with Niki and Jenna of Ninj and Ninj to create a super comprehensive and helpful financial planner. When they approached me to collaborate/consult with them on a planner I knew I wanted to be a part of the project. You see, ever since 6th grade I’ve been using a paper planner. Even now that we have access to zillions of digital calendars I still dutifully order my paper calendar every single year. There’s just something about writing things on paper that make them seem more concrete or doable or something. Plus, I like crossing things off, and being able to look back at all the stuff I did over the year. I definitely prefer paper planners over digital planners any day of the week.

The main goal with the planner was to make it easy to use and extremely comprehensive. We didn’t want you to have to jerry-rig anything to make it work for you. Everything you need to have your life and finances organized is in this planner. From dealing with your monthly cash-flow to planning for the future you will be completely covered with this planner!

Oh! And if you happen to be thinking, “Urm… but, it’s kind of almost the middle of the year!” Guess what? With this planner you fill-in your own dates so you can begin your year at any time. No need to wait ’til January to get your shit together. Today is the day.

Let’s talk about the features!

It includes: Read More »


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People Who Are Rich
Author: Melanie Gnau

People Who Are Rich

There are two kinds of people in this world, people who have money and people who are rich. Personally, I’d much rather be someone who is rich. I feel rich when I think of my small, messy home. I feel rich when I look at my imperfect family. And I feel not only rich, but wealthy, when I can spend my money on experiences, not things.

Do you think of yourself as “rich?” Talk to me in the comments!



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17 Ways to be Happier (Because Feeling Down is Costly)
Author: Anna Newell Jones

17 ways to be happier (click through)

It’s Tax Day — a notoriously un-fun day. But what if debt or other life events have been making you feel down on other days too? Quell any feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness by continually seeking out reasons to be a little more content each and every day. Feeling down can affect your finances in ways you may not even realize. For instance, when you feel down do you really want to make the effort to bag a healthy lunch or do you want to get the quick fix? I always go for the quick fix when I’m feeling shitty. What about when you’re not feeling 100% at work? Do you want to do what it takes to go the extra mile, and take your business to the next level or to be a super nice team-player? Nope. See, feeling good really does impact how much you make, how much progress you make each day, and how your employees and co-workers see you. So, if you’re feeling down, here are 17 pick-me-ups that you can take advantage of.

17 Free Ways to Feel Happier Right This Minute…

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What Would You Do? Stick with the Spending Fast or Travel?
Author: Anna Newell Jones

what do you think? spending fast or travel

Hi Readers! I get so many great questions from you all, and many times you are asking questions about situations that other people are running into as well. I follow a fellow wedding photographer, Jasmine Star, and on her blog, she has a great feature where you can send her a question and she’ll answer it on her blog. Seeing how well that works on her site got me thinking that would be a great solution for sharing the responses I help readers out via email. Hopefully your question or dilemma can help others too!

If you’d like me to answer a question for you here on the blog send me an email with your question to: In the subject line please write: Reader Question. I’ll change all identifying info so no one will know it’s you but me and you. I most likely won’t be able to answer every single question but I’ll try to let you know ASAP if your question will be getting selected for inclusion in a post. If your question doesn’t get selected, remember you can (and should) post about it in the Community section of the site. Get and give support! It’s a great resource!

Well, let’s go ahead and get started with the first question…

Read More »


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Relieving Boredom & Stress While on a Spending Diet
Author: Melanie Gnau

relieving boredom and stress while on a spending diet

There’s no doubt that boredom can creep in while doing a Spending Fast or Spending Diet…especially when we don’t have our usual boredom relief “go-to’s” that we used to use pre-Spending Fast/Spending Diet (shopping, eating out, partying, etc.). See how Melanie is tackling this obstacle below, and follow along with all the Spending Fasters here. – Anna

I’m about nine months into the Spending Diet and I must admit, at this point, I am getting Bored (with a capital “B”). I’m chugging along and gritting my teeth smiling through it, but for the past couple of months I’ve felt like throwing up my hands and yelling, “F*** this! We’re going to Costa Rica!” I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but it feels like somewhere tropical and warm could solve all my problems.

Fortunately I’ve been on the Spending Diet long enough to know that spending more money, even if it is on an amazing trip, isn’t going to solve all my problems– in fact, it might create more problems. But the travel bug has got me bad. What’s a girl to do?

Well, I don’t know if it was a moment of weakness or a moment of clarity, but my husband and I went on a little weekend getaway. I had just finished planning a conference at work. It’s probably the biggest, most stressful thing I’ve ever done– even more stressful than planning my wedding or changing jobs or deciding to stop renting and live in an Airstream. And I know it’s dangerous to think this way, but I deserved to get away. Read More »


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