Hannibal Lecter Said It Best

hannibal lecter quote

“What do we covet? That which we see everyday”. (paraphrased)

Fitting for the constant barrage of things I find myself wanting to buy. And why do i want to buy all this stuff?  Because other people have certain things (mainly seen on fashion/lifestyle blogs and on instagram- is everyone’s life on instagram perfect?). These people seem to have these amazingly gorgeous and perfect lives, and part of the recipe of why these strangers seem so awesome is because of the clothes they wear and the things in their lives. I find myself wanting to be awesome too, and thinking, “Maybe if I had that same dress I would be awesome too…” Am I the only one who finds themselves thinking this? Please, tell me I’m not the only one… This is such a dangerous thought pattern for me since I recognize it as the same thought process that got me in trouble with debt and over-spending in the past.

Merging Silence of the Lambs and personal finance; it’s what I do folks.


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Organizing Receipts In The Cutest Way Possible!

receipt organizers

receipt containers

Loose receipts cluttered our apartment, and for years I would just stuff them into a big old manilla envelope which I hid in my closet. then, inevitably tax-time would come and I would deal with ALL the receipts at once which was, ohmigosh, so time-consuming and awful!

This quick tip helps to make the tedious task of organizing receipts for taxes a little more bearable and a lot more cute!
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Your Debt is a Punk and Wants to Break Up With You

end debt

I have a little bit of bad news. Your debt called me the other day and we had a long talk. There were tears, lots and lots of tears but overall is was a good talk. Well, it turns out that  your debt is a complete punk and wants to break up with you. You’ve been together far too long (you know it’s not working out either), and it’s time to part ways. It’s a bad relationship and it doesn’t bring out the best in you. It’s been a good run but let’s be honest- it’s time to move along. There are way better things waiting for you out there.

8 Reasons Why Your Debt Wants to Break Up With You Right Now…
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