An Addiction To Superficial Things?

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“Too many young folk have addiction to superficial things and not enough conviction for substantial things like justice, truth, and love.” – Cornel West


The only beef I have with this quote is that I don’t think it’s just the “young folk” who have an addiction to superficial things. I’m pretty sure the quest for “more”, “better”, and “the best” does not discriminate with age. (And, I guess I actually have beef with two things about this quote. Is he really saying young people don’t have conviction about LOVE?! Has he ever met a young person in love? Now they have conviction.)

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with this quote?


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How To Survive (and Thrive) Through Unemployment

image by helga weber

Stephanie was generous enough to write a 3-part story on her recent experience with being laid-off, how she’s managing to stay within a budget, and how she’s learning to thrive in her new unemployed status.

Stephanie Morillo is a musician and writer from New York City. While she has recently been displaced in the 9-5 sense, she has recently shown a knack for web programming and has been performing regularly in NYC. Stephanie can be found on her website and on Twitter @radiomorillo.

How I’m Surviving Through My Unemployment…

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7 Easy Ways To Save Money on Your Wedding Day (That Don’t Require Sacrifice)

totally cute image by Michelle Belsky

I’m so happy to introduce Ashley. Ashley is a makeup artist in Toronto and has picked up a ton of helpful tips on how to save money on weddings. She’s heard it all!

Hi! My name is Ashley. I’m a makeup artist from Toronto and work primarily in bridal. I blog over at Makeup: The Hustle. I write all about managing my new freelance life.

I meet upwards of 50 brides a year, so I’ve picked up a few tips on how to save money on your big day. A lot of the money saving advice that I’ve seen for weddings require sacrifices that aren’t for everyone. Typically, the suggestions are to: have an “off-season” wedding, and to schedule your wedding during the Monday-Friday work week. These are great places to start with saving money on your wedding, but these 7 tips will work for those highly-desired Saturday weddings that happen in the “high-season”.

7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding…

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