Old is New. (AKA Not Buying Clothes Sucks When All I Want to Do is Buy Clothes)
Author: Anna Newell Jones


Oh. Oh. Oh.

I’ve really been in the mood to get some new clothes. Just about everything I’ve been seeing I want want want. Because you know, that’s how I think.

“Gimmee, Gimeee, GImmeeeEEE!” Haha. Not really. But kinda.

We have had such a mild winter and the nice sunny days are starting to be a lot more frequent. And with the new longer brighter days it screams “Spring is a Coming!”

But, it also says “YOU- yes, you. need new clothes. and. like now!” Because that’s what I usually do when the seasons change (oh, gosh, I used to buy clothes whenever I wanted… and not just when the seasons were changing). I like clothes. Even though I’ve had my “mis-adventures” with them. A little bit of a love-hate relationship with them. Sheesh. I was on TLC’s What Not To Wear: Worst Dressed Couple In America (!) episode back in the day so I have a vulnerable spot for clothes since I got bashed so bad on that show. I try to keep my fashion sense in check so I don’t end up there again!

Since I can’t get the brand new clothes that I want so bad the best I can do is to pull up my summer clothes from the basement and try to get breathe new life into them. It is kind of fun going through my old clothes because it’s like “Oh! I forgot all about you!”

Oh. I want to go shopping. I don’t want to wear stinky old basement clothes. I want to go shopping and I want to buy everything I like because that’s fun- er(?) than musky old clothes. I mean. seriously. come on. The Spending Fast is sucking real bad right now.

Alright. enough pouting out of me. I’ve heard about people doing a clothing exchange with their girlfriends. Have any of you done that? How does it work? Any tips on that? I might have to get that going.


top photo We Heart It

lower photo courtesy of TLC (with my crude alterations)


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Giveaway (CLOSED)
Author: Anna Newell Jones

This necklace by Tree & Kimball is so beyond amazing! To enter the giveaway go over to the delightful Westervin site and follow directions and there you go. You just might win!


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Minor (as in major) Obsession
Author: Anna Newell Jones

I mentioned in a previous post about how I’m pretty sure that my biggest cost is my groceries. In the personal finance books I’ve been reading (I just impressed myself) they say that if you have a habit that’s usually a big bad sign that money is getting spent mindlessly. That coffee at the coffee shop on your way to work every morning or dinner out every Friday and Saturday night is probably a sign that money is drifting through the ol’ fingers without much thought and apparently they say that that’s a problem if money is something you’re trying to save.

Something that I realized I was spending quite a bit of money on is Luna Bars. Currently I’m loving on the Iced Oatmeal Raisin though I have been into the Chocolate Peppermint, Lemon Bar and Chocolate Brownie ones too. They are delicious with coffee in the morning, they’re vegan and easy to eat at your desk because they aren’t messy or gooey, they require no cooking or pre-thought and if you’re usually in a rush in the mornings they are easy to grab.

So. Perfect!

Though, at $1.19 each they are definitely not the most budget or Spending Fast friendly. Since I realized I was dumping a ton of money into these every month I decided they must go. I decided I would make oatmeal and that would be my new cheap bff in the mornings and I would ride off to work with a full belly of oats and brown sugar and the day would be perfect and I would have an extra $1.19 in my pocket and at the end of the month it would magically turn into like $40 bucks and I would be that much closer to paying off my debt and getting my financial life in order.

It was going good for a whole 2 days until I was running late for work one day and didn’t get any oats in my belly so I was crabby and hungry and frustrated and starving and cranky and being a big old jerk and hating oatmeal and the Spending Fast and wanted my husband to go make a special trip to the grocery store and bring me back arm fulls of Iced Oatmeal Luna Bars which he couldn’t do because well, he couldn’t and so I remained grumpy and I decided that maybe $1.19 really wasn’t all that bad after all and maybe I could just try to eat oatmeal most mornings and have Luna Bars in an emergency. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do and it just so happens that now every morning is a wake-up late no time for oatmeal kind of morning so I’m back where I started and trying to get my butt to wake up earlier so I can heave those eats into my mouth.

 p.s. Old Fashioned oats tend to be tastier (at least to me) than the Quick Oats because they are less porridge-y and more texture-y.



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In response to the response
Author: Anna Newell Jones

It’s been kind of funny how people have reacted to me being on a Spending Fast.

One time my co-worker came in from being away for awhile and said she was thinking about bringing me a treat since I probably hadn’t had a treat in awhile.

Oh. Awkward. But nice!

Another time another friend said “Oh, do you want to get coffee later?” and then quickly “You, can’t can you? Cause of the fast?”

Awkward again!

And recently, I was out with a friend and we went to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. I used to be a member at the MCA but since I didn’t renew my membership I had my fingers crossed that I could get in as her free guest since she is a member. Of course she said I could when I asked and after the museum and going to the 1st Friday Art Walk down in one Denver’s Art Districts we made a plan to get to our favorite ice shop Sweet Action Ice Cream asap. (Sweet Action has vegan and non-vegan ice cream and these crazy good flavors and awesome ice cream sandwiches). My bud knows all about the fast and said I could draw her a picture on a napkin in exchange for a scoop.

Oh. I’m a faux-poverty ridden broke chump! Doing caricatures in exchange for ice cream scoops. My parents must be so proud of their little indigent darling.

Luckily, I didn’t have to take her up on it because I’ve had a wee bit of money left on a Visa gift card that I got as a gift for Christmas so I have been able to ween myself from being a spender to a saver a little more gracefully than if I went straight out cold-turkey. It started with $100 bucks on it and I’ve seen that amount slowly dwindling from the card and I’m about to get hit with an ass load of reality here very soon.

Like now.

As of today at this very moment I have $0.00 on it.

I’m nervous about not having that safety net. I’m nervous about doing this as hard-core as I have set it up to be. It has been tough as is but that’s made it a hair easier because at this point I feel like I’ve been in a sort of in-between zone. Plus, it’s made the sometimes awkward friend situations a lot easier deal with.

I have a feeling bartering is going to become a big part of my life and I have a feeling that I will be drawing a lot of napkin caricatures in exchange of things in my very near future. So, take a look at these examples I’ve made of my favorite bearded glass-ed man and maybe we can make a deal in the future.


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175 MPH Into A Cement Wall. Basically. (AKA The Spending Fast is Really F-ing Hard)
Author: Anna Newell Jones

image FailBlog via We Heart It


Complete and utter implosion.

So, it seems that I’ve been missing the point. Without overstepping boundaries and getting myself deeper into “trouble” I’m going to try to tell you the story without making anyone mad. And by anyone I mean the hub.

Unfortunately, my relationship is starting to suffer because of the dear old Spending Fast! ugh. That. was so NOT the point of the Spending Fast. It’s been an unwelcome side effect and it seems I have inadvertently become a big total and complete A-Hole.

I admit, I’ve been 1 track minded. Save, Save! SAVVVEE! And, in the process I have not been able to reciprocate as needed and as one typically would reciprocate in a relationship. I admit: I’ve wanted to eat an avocado that wasn’t mine, I’ve had more than my fair share of cereal and I’ve accepted meals without giving anything in return expect for a smile, a kiss, a hug and a hearty and enthusiastic “Thank you baby!”

So, it looks like I’m gonna have to make some concessions in the Spending Fast here in regards to my relationship with my husband. I’m going to need to buy more avocados, some cereal, some more gas for the car, buy him lunch or dinner as a treat and go to a movie with him more often than never, like I have been.

Having my marriage suffer isn’t something that I ever expected to happen and of course wouldn’t want to happen as a result of this project. As I mentioned in The Guidelines at the beginning of the year I want my relationships to be #1 and that’s not happening. It seems to some people that the Spending Fast is #1 and obviously that’s not the point.

Like, completely, not the point.

Since I didn’t ask my husband if it was ok with him to do it (my feminist side despises that concept) or even discuss the Spending Fast with him before I decided to do it this really shouldn’t be as big of a surprise as it is that this has become an issue. I mean, really, it does affect him and it does affect the amount of things we can do together and I don’t want him to go into debt by paying for stuff for me as I’m sitting over here with all my debt paid off and money in savings.

Totally not the point.

So, it looks like a little good ol’ fashioned reluctant compromise is in store for me. I’m going to discuss it with him. Look who’s sooo mature. And, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to make him ok with the Spending Fast by spending no more than $35 extra bucks a month with/for him. I’m reluctant to do this “allowance” since I decided to not go through with any exceptions earlier in the fast as mentioned and discussed in this post.

I’m going to plan on getting $35 cash at the beginning of the month. I’ll put it in an envelope and any of that money that doesn’t get spent will go into the savings pot for the month. Everything else with the Spending Fast will remain the same.


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Quick. So quick you can’t even believe it.
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Just a quick little guy here to let you know that yesterday I got the Feedburner (thanks to a reader for the suggestion!) set up on this site (on the right site all the way at the bottom under the links) so you can now get the latest posts sent to your inbox and you will now never miss a moment of the horrible and sometimes devastating tragedy with a dash of blissful happiness that comes with the decision to do a year-long Spending Fast.

How’s that for dramatic. That just so happens to be my specialty.

Also, for those of you keeping track and waiting with bated breath on an update about the Homemade Haircut situation. I decided to let it grow grow grow and then when I can no longer stand it I will hit up a haircutting student or a bud who is interested in haircutting (again, a reader tip! good idea!) or a friend who is into reading haircutting instructions with precision off of the internet. Until then, I will be your split-ended blogger over here loving you till the end.


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way beyond WHOA!
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Month 2- CONQUERED!!

I can hardly believe how much I saved this month that it hardly seems real. I mean it’s sucked a lot to not spend what I want but it doesn’t seem like I’ve been saving THAT much and really it’s not been THAT sucky. Of course I say that now as a wiggle around in my saving halo of glee.

For the month of February I saved- OMG- I saved $934.37 !!! what the-! ??

It’s JUST INSANE! Insanely, GREAT!

Maybe because it’s a short month? Maybe I’m getting more used to not spending? Maybe I’m not a very good add-er or subtract-er and I have totally messed up my check book and that’s why it seems like I saved so much. That’s a possibility.

The only other notable changes I’ve made this month are: I cancelled my locker at the gym (savings $6), I stopped using official soy creamer and now just refill the little container with the rice milk I already buy (savings $3ish), and I’ve been eating food out of the pantry that I’ve had forever (who knows how much saved).

Apparantly all these little changes are starting to add up big time.

Was I REALLY spending that much per month!? How could I have been? I just don’t know. It can’t have been so. I mean I literally felt broke every month before I started the Spending Fast.

This month I’m going to be able to pay off 1 credit card completely with a $373.37 payment! whoo- hoo! Suze Orman are you proud of me Mizzz?

Then, I’m gonna send an extra $75 to my parents for the college loan they took out for me. Because they guilt me and the quicker I can get that paid off the better.

Then, $486.58 towards the last credit card. Hopefully I’ll be able to wipe that out soon. Especially if I can keep up this rate of saving.

Then, a savings account will finally get started.. but that’s still a little ways off yet.

Whoa. Still can’t believe it.


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Dry Faster!
Author: Anna Newell Jones

image by Keri Smith

Saving money is fun at the end of the month when I get to see how much I saved but in the in-between parts you know, from the 1st to mid- late month it can be pretty un-fun.

Lucky for me February is a short month.

Look. I’m finding myself hoping for less days so I can see how much I saved. It’s like let’s get back to the good part and fast forward through this everyday not spending money boring part.

It can be a little monotonous. It can be a lot boring. It can make me wish I never started doing this in the 1st place. Of course, the grown-up responsible side is thinking “Yay! 401K! and I’m getting debt paid off! Look how reponsible I am!” But the not grown-up side of me wants to go blow my paycheck on earrings, slurpees and movies.

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