A Trip To The Mint
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Every single Monday through Friday I walk past The Mint on my way to work. Tours line up outside and I’ve even been asked to take pictures of families as I am walking past to help them remember their trip to The Mint. There are families and school groups and a variety of other people that are always coming in and out of the building.

My curiosity finally got the best of me so I looked into taking a tour of The Mint and it turns out the tours are free! Great!

So, I made my reservation (weeks in advance) and I asked a bud to go with on the tour. “It’s free I told her! It’s free!”

We got in line like I had seen many people do before and the tour began. It was pretty interesting to see how the circulation coins are made. I learned they don’t make circulation paper money here in Denver- only coins. See. I paid attention. Only after the tour did I realize the irony (?) of going on a trip to The Mint while on a Spending Fast. It did make sense in a way. Cuz it’s about the money baby! All about the money.

I found myself thinking about the coins as they passed by on the conveyor belt. There they are being born. I wondered where they would end up, who would spend them, who would give them to whom?

The little coins, so shiny and bright and new. A source of grief for some. A source of accomplishment for others. Sometimes both for most.

Check out these great vintage images I found of Denver’s Mint. Really, it looks pretty much the same except now there is a huge fence around the whole place, lots of security stuff and the trees are very large that surround the building.


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Just Right
Author: Anna Newell Jones

by the science creative quarterly

“He who knows he has enough is rich”

from The Tao Te Ching (a chinese book of wisdom)

Quite meaningful for these days…


Since the Spending Fast is coming to an end on December 31st I’ve been thinking a lot about what my financial life and spending life will look like in the New Year. It’s hard to believe that I only have a month and a half left on the Spending Fast! While the Spending Fast has been pretty horrible at times I have to tell you the hardest part of the Spending Fast was the beginning. And then the middle. And then the end. Haha. Just kidding. Seriously, the beginning was the hardest. Getting used to the whole new way of life was tough.

Tough as in T-U-F-F.

I’ve been feeling deprived for awhile now. It would be hard to maintain this level of non-spending for much longer and really I am ready to be done. I’m ready to move on to a modified version of the Spending Fast. I’m ready to move on to a Spending Diet. To me, a Spending Diet will mean living with ENOUGH. Not too much, not too little, but JUSTTTT enough. Kind of like Goldilocks. But not. But, you know what I mean. The not having one extreme or another. Not being deprived. Not having excess. But just enough so I’m not feeling deprived but also not wasting my life on stuff.

I guess that’s where the word and concept of ENOUGH lives. In that middle place. That’s where I’m looking to go after the Spending Fast.

There’s a part of me that wants to go buck wild on January 1st. Just spend and spend on all the stuff I’ve been coveting and thinking about this whole year. These are needs people!

Who am I trying to kid? They’re not. They’re wants. I’ve learned that now and I’ve learned that I can live with very little and I can probably even be happy. Nuts huh.

At this point, I realize I could really use some new black jeans, a pair of new work pants and actually that’s probably about it. That doesn’t quite match up with the place I thought I would be in at the end of this year. I thought I would LITERALLY NEED A LOT of STUFF. It’s weird to realize that I don’t.

I’m going to try to make smart thoughtful and conscious decisions moving forward in the new year. I’ll be trying to think do I REALLY need a certain item? Before just zipping through the register and getting home to realize how much junk I just bought that I don’t need and really just wanted.

There’s no way I could do this Spending Fast for this whole year and have it not affect me. If it didn’t how horrible would that be!?! Horrible I tell you.

So that’s where I’m headed on January 1st- to The World Of Enough.

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about that time
Author: Anna Newell Jones

It’s nuts to think that it’s already mid-November! Really, time is just straight up zooming by. With Christmas around the corner I’m starting to think about what I’ll be giving to my lovely family and friends and well, I’m just gonna throw it out there- I’m wondering if ya’ll might be up for some trades?

You see, I’ve got this little Etsy shop that I sell some items out of and if you’re into it, I’d like to do some trades. Just think about it. No pressure.

Maybe you have something I would like and maybe I have something you would like. Just putting it out there. It could be an option to give your fam and friends something different and for my family and friends to get something that’s new to them. It would be a no-cost option to the Holidays folks… which would be quite quite nice.


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Author: Anna Newell Jones

“Buying is much more American than thinking and I’m as American as they come.” (me too!)

Andy Warhol from the philosophy of Andy Warhol (from a to b and back again)

The hub and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and while we were there we got chilled to the bone, drove on a bunch of bridges, walked under lush trees up and down hills, got lost, and also visited the Andy Warhol museum. Our outing to the museum was part of the $35 allowance I gave myself to spend with the hub or for the hub. $35 goes crazy quick and it’s easy to overspend while with him since I WANT to do fun stuff with him. I try to not get to down on myself for spending money to do activities with him because I do want relationships to be #1. (Remember the guidelines from the beginning?)


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Oh hey vinegar. What’s up?
Author: Anna Newell Jones


Just the other day I was thinking about how grody our cleaning spray smelled. Weird, right? Well, then on TV I saw this clip on the news about this new research that linked cleaning products to cancer. Not THAT big of a shocker since everything seems to be a link to that terrible disease nowadays. It got me thinking about how I’ve wanted to try new natural cleaning solutions for awhile now. What a perfect time to do it. The “natural” cleaner I’ve heard the most about BY FAR is vinegar.

Luckily, while at the grocery store I remembered to actually pick up the white distilled vinegar (store brand of course) and an empty spray bottle (could use an empty old spray bottle too). I was surprised to see how inexpensive vinegar is. It was .89 cents I think and then the spray bottle was $1.00. Pretty awesome. Specially since most pre-mixed spray house cleaners are about $3.50 and $1.89 for both the vinegar and bottle means it’s a straight up BARGAIN. yay.

I went home and was pumped (takes a lot to get me excited huh) to mix 1 cup vinegar with 3 cups water. Instantly, I sprayed it on the nearby counter and stovetop to see if this stuff would actually work.

It did.

Amazement ensued.

My place did smell like Easter eggs for about an hour or so but then it went away. Or. I just got used to the smell. You know how that happens sometimes? Your house could smell like ass and it’s all “Nope, don’t smell anything rank up in here!”

So, it seems like the ol’ cheap vinegar and water actually worked. Or, maybe the water worked and got the gunk off and the vinegar just happened to be there. Who knows. Gosh. Cynicism’s got me today. Sorry! (just looked it up… it’s the acid in the vinegar that does the cleaning)

I found a massive load of stuff vinegar can be used for. Sweet. And the fact that its considered a natural cleaner with no links to cancer and it’s cheap as can be makes it A+ in my book.

Check out www.vinegartips.com for more vinegar uses.


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Oh Dear.
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Oh me. Oh my. I have a bit of a habit that’s started. Whenever I notice a habit, like, oh that little Luna bar habit I had awhile back (that took forever to kick). It starts to make me worry. Mainly because I know that habits typically get me into trouble because I’m someone that when I like something. I you know, LIKE it A LOT and that means I want it for every meal or all the time- depending what it is. So my newest fascination is Multi-Green Kombucha. It’s delicious and fizzy and sweet and tangy and oh, yumm, yummy.

Oh! and healthy too!

At $2.99 a pop it’s definitely NOT Spending Fast friendly even though I’m buying it from the good ol’ grocery store. HMmmmMMmmmmMMM. Yeah. Time to get this under control. BOoo.

so true! image by luke beard

those are my kombucha tears. bye bye sweet sweet kombucha. you will be missed and i will see you in january! oh! yes, i will!

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The interview!
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Here is the blog radio show from yesterday. Just click on the November 9th episode and my interview starts about 32 minutes in. It was a lot of fun and I’m pumped that Social Media Edge asked me to be a part of the show!

sculptures by Ptolemy Elrington


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Blog Radio Interview
Author: Anna Newell Jones

Today I’ll be interviewed on Social Media Edge at noon eastern time. Listen along if you fancy.


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