A New Direction + Living Authentically

Living Authentically
It’s weird to think about how things in life change. I first started this blog to keep me accountable as I started my Spending Fast and slowly crawled out from under my debt. It proved to work- it kept me honest and it helped to keep me motivated to stay on course so I didn’t mess up. I partly didn’t want to mess up because I didn’t want to have to tell you about it here; that little bit of pride was useful.

After 15 months I found myself out of debt (still unbelievable sometimes) and the blog started to reflect my process of learning how to spend “normally”. I was continually asking myself, “What does ‘spending normally’ look like?”, “How do I not get myself BACK into debt?” and, “How do I stay motivated to not over-spend?” And, more than anything, “How do I not slip back into my old ways?”

Now, I feel the blog is ready to go into another new direction. For the site to have authenticity, and for me to continue to be enthusiastic about writing it, it must be true to where I’m at in life.

You may have noticed the new tagline, “Saving where I can, so I can spend where I want.” That reflects more of where I’m at these days.

I wanted to get out of debt in the 1st place so I could really enjoy life, and so I could do what I want without having the burden of the financial black-cloud hanging over my head. I could no longer handle the demoralizing feelings and guilt that came with having a crap-load of debt.

I like shopping, I like traveling, I like eating out, and I like going to the movies. I want to enjoy the fun stuff life has to offer, and I finally have choices. I want you to have that freedom too.

Financial freedom (for me) is all about autonomy. It’s about being able to make the decisions in my life that feel true to me. A life that’s honest. Day-to-day it looks like this: a simpler, less-cluttered life, and the ability to go on a trip or buy a new shirt if I want to without having the guilt and stress about adding to an already overwhelming amount of debt.

For me now, financial freedom is all about, saving where I can, so I can spend where I want.

What does living a life that’s true to you look like? How do you feel when you live authentically to when you don’t?


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It’s Live! It’s Really Live!

I cannot tell you how happy I am to welcome you to the new site! Mervi (and the whole team) over at Freckled Nest has been awesome with getting the site to look the way I want. Now, the site will (hopefully;) be a lot more user-friendly.

I’m super excited to get some brand-new money-saving, frugal-living, live-better-with-less posts posted! I’ve really missed blogging!

p.s. there are still a couple of glitches with the new site design, they’re getting worked on and they should be fixed soon:)


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Being Charitable While Broke – Possible or Not?

is it possible to be charitable while broke

A very nice reader referred my to this cool site called Instead.

The idea is that you choose to forgo something small like a coffee, a movie, take-out food, or something else entirely that you get to pick yourself. Then, you pick a non-profit to donate that money that you would’ve spend on the coffee or movie.

I like how this site makes giving to others so attainable, and so doable.


Do you know of similar sites? Do you give to charities when you’re broke (or when you’re feeling broke)? Do you do other things to make up for not giving monetarily? If so, I’d love to hear about it.


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