Decorate Your House with a Geometric Sculpture!

DIY Geometric Sculpture

Lately I have been obsessed with the geometric trend…like I have been having dreams with little origami chandeliers and diamond-shaped plant holders and funky pyramid paper weights. I wanted to buy them all or buy the supplies to make them all but this last month our budget has been pretty tight. So I had to get my geometric fix using only the stuff I had lying around the house. I had a crafting revelation and decided to make these fresh and funky (AND CHEAP!) little geometric sculptures! And, I must say, this turned out to be one of my favorite and most easy DIY projects for house decorations ever! Bonus: it was FREE!

DIY Geometric Sculpture

How to Make a Geometric Sculpture…

Here is all you need:

– Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

– Wood skewers (like the ones you make a kabob with)

– Craft paint (or you could leave the sculptures all wood color)

That’s it! So simple and cheap!

Step 1:

DIY Geometric SculptureTake your first skewer stick and squeeze a dot of glue on the end. Then stick another skewer end to the dot of glue. Here is the trick to getting the skewers to stick: make sure you do very large dots of glue (lots of glue, folks) and then once you stick two skewers together, hold them together until the glue is completely dried. This usually takes about 30 seconds. Then the sculptures will be sturdy

Step 2:

DIY Geometric Sculpture

Now you will turn your skewer “V” into a triangle! Cut a piece of skewer to the length of the distance between the two “V” ends. I just used pliers to make the cut, but skewers are so thin you could probably use regular scissors. Then, using the same high-tech gluing technique ;), glue the skewer piece to the “V” ends to complete the triangle.

Step 3:

DIY Geometric SculptureFirst, you will need to repeat steps 1 and 2, forming a second triangle. Then, prop the two triangles up and glue the top points together. Easy peasy.

Step 4:

DIY Geometric SculptureFinally, you can complete your pyramid! You will notice that the pyramid bottom is missing 2 sides to make it a square base. Simply measure the two missing sides, cut a skewer section to fit, and glue the final two pieces in on their sides.

Step 5:

DIY Geometric SculptureFor the last step, you can paint your geometric sculptures however you like! Can I ever complete a craft without pink and gold? Maybe some day, but today is not that day ;)!

Also…As you can see below, I cut small sections of skewers to make smaller sculptures and the more geometric sculptures the better!

DIY Geometric Sculpture DIY Geometric Sculpture DIY Geometric Sculpture DIY Geometric Sculpture DIY Geometric Sculpture

What is you favorite geometric trend or easy DIY house decoration right now?

This post is by Alix Adams. Alix is a glitter user and ice cream enthusiast. She blogs at A Ruffled Life when she’s not kissing her baby’s fat rolls or covering antlers in glitter.


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  1. Bianca

    Alix, where did you get that succulent???? Is it a candle? Ceramic?? I need to know! It’s perfect for my upcoming wedding !

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