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You can now be accountable to yourself and for yourself.

You no longer have to be in debt! Getting out of debt is possible. You can do this!

Getting out of debt may take you a longer or shorter amount of time than it took me. Factors that will affect how fast you will be able to be debt-free are: your income, the amount of debt you have, how much you decide to cut out, if you decide to do a Spending Fast ® or a Spending Diet, the duration you chose for your Spending Fast or Spending Diet and also, what you chose to do to generate additional income and how much you can make by selling your unused possessions.

Blogging on this site is one of the biggest things that I have done to get myself out of debt because it keeps me accountable, and now you have a place to be accountable too! This is the forum to write about your experiences, struggles, accomplishments, hopes, fears, wants and needs. This is the place to write about anything and everything regarding your financial situation. This is the place to find support, encouragement and help along the way to being debt-free and living the life that you are meant to live. This is where you can be honest and talk about the reality of where you are at financially and what you are going through.

Since this is a place for support and encouragement regarding: money, frugality, budgeting, debt-free living, changing your life, motivation, how to’s and DIY’s (that you use to save money), temptations, relationship issues (that come up regarding frugal living), everyday ways to save money, spending, not spending, shopping, not shopping, saving, not saving (you get the idea), please keep that in mind when posting your entries as all entries are subject to moderation.

*abusive, offensive, primarily self-promotional, and/or just plain mean posts are not permitted*

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