8 Ways to Give New Life to (What You Thought Was) Trash
Author: Haeley Giambalvo

8 clever DIYs to give new life to (what you thought was) trash

It’s amazing how you can create a beautiful piece of decor just by putting a new spin on everyday objects. The key is looking for projects that can make a big impact in your home with a minimal investment in time and money. Today I want to show you a few examples of easy projects that you can do with things your might have either thrown away or completely overlooked. Low cost, high impact DIY’s are where it’s at!

8 Ways to Give New Life to (What You Thought Was) Trash! …

These are four easy projects that you can make from items you might have otherwise thrown in the trash. So don’t toss:

1. Plastic containers – Make decorative storage boxes  out of old baby formula bins! All it takes to transform them are some pretty papers and spray adhesive.

2. Wine corks – If you drink wine regularly, don’t throw your corks away! There are lots of ways you can incorporate them into your decor, from trivets and corkboards, to this wreath that you can use year round by switching up the bow or other embellishments.

3. Old kids artwork – Your kids’ artwork can pile up quickly and inevitably some of it has to be thrown out. Save some from the trash by making this cute pennant garland for their room.

4. Odds & ends – The square stencil used to make this burlap table runner was actually the cardboard leftover from a Memory game after the game pieces were popped out. You might be surprised what you can use as a craft supply – look twice at things before throwing them away!


Be on the look-out for way’s to transform what you already have. Often times, you can give a new life to old objects with just with a few inexpensive materials like these projects:

5. Glass florist vases – Everyone has a few of these sitting around from past florist bouquets. Make them display worthy with a little inexpensive glass paint.

6. Outdoor rug – Stylish outdoor rugs are expensive. Instead, buy a basic $20 one and make it a statement piece for your patio with a little spray paint and masking tape.

7. Serving trayGive an old serving tray a makeover with a colorful piece of paper and some Mod Podge.

8. Old lamps – Don’t spend money on a new lamp if you don’t have to. Just transform one you already have.


This post is by Haeley at Design Improvised!


Have you ever made something out of trash or have you found a new use for something others overlook?



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  1. The Norwegian Girl // February 16, 2013

    Great ideas! I especially like the one about the serving tray and the kid`s art work.

    • Anna Newell Jones // February 27, 2013

      i LOVE the kid’s artwork idea. i can only imagine it’d be so difficult to get rid of it in the traditional (read: trash) way.

  2. MYRNA R. // October 5, 2013

    Wow…simply wonderful ideas and great help for these tough times where we desperately need to go back to basics! Thanks a million from Puerto Rico!!

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