Scrooge No More! Awesome DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

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Frugality is not about being cheap; it’s more about being creative with your ideas in an effort to waste less money so you can pay off your debt or put more money into savings. The holidays are a super tricky time for many people who tend to feel like a Scrooge if they haven’t ransacked the department stores and spent hours wrapping gifts.

The old cliché ‘it’s the thought that counts’ should really ring true for more people. Rather than going broke trying to please people with expensive gifts, give gifts from the heart. While there are still costs involved and the projects may be more time-consuming (start early!), you can spend the holidays crafting treasures people will truly appreciate rather than spending too much on something else that could end up sitting unused in some random closet, or worse, get returned.

Worried that your homemade DIY holiday gift won’t be appreciated or liked? There is a way to do DIY holiday gifts right. Ask yourself these questions…

1. What would truly be of use to the person you’re giving to?

2. Has the person mentioned really liking something particular in the past?

3. What makes the person motivated each day?

4. When do you notice they are the most happy?

5. What does their home look like?

6. Do they have food allergies?

7. Do you two have any inside jokes, special memories, or shared experiences that you can tap into?

Thinking about these questions will really make your gift come from the heart and the person will see that you really thought about what they would like. That goes a very long way! Everyone likes to be listened to and appreciated.


Quick and Awesome DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Turn your talents into awesome Christmas gifts for loved ones and friends!

Food Frenzy
If you enjoy cooking or baking, find a few gift recipes where you can easily create portions in bulk at an affordable price. Fancy Christmas cookies, pies, homemade candy, breads, and other delectable treats are especially appreciated around the holidays when visitors need to be fed and parties are in full swing. Some ideas: jet-fueled no bake cookies, the best oatmeal muffin recipe (so many variations), and graham creams.

Special Memories
If you like to be crafty, create special photo books for those you love. Scrap-booking supplies can be found at a discount and bought in bulk so you can easily make several books for a low-cost. If time is an issue, find collage picture frames at a thrift store and create a memorable wall hanging filled with pictures that have meaning to you and your gift recipient.

Think Practical
Also at the thrift store you can buy a handful of baskets (be on the look-out for the thrift store sale days). Spray paint the baskets in your recipient’s favorite color and fill it with things they can really use. Consider a stationary basket filled with paper, pens, and postage stamps. A food basket filled with can goods, pantry staples, and a few utensils is a good idea for practically anyone. Create each basket especially for the person who will receive it. Your thoughtful consideration of your loved ones’ interests will be appreciated far more than any store-bought gift.

Still stuck? Here is a HUGE list of DIY holiday gift ideas!


What what DIY holiday gifts will you be making this year?

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