7 Advantages Extroverts Have When it Comes to Money

7 advantages extroverts have when it comes to money andthenwesaved.com

A few days ago we talked about the advantages that introverts have with money so today, let’s talk about extroverts. Extroverts are of the personality persuasion that is boisterous and enthusiast, and they feel energized by being around people which is the complete opposite of their quiet counterparts – the introverts. Those with an extrovert personality may appear to be apt to spending more and being frivolous with their cash in general. However, the qualities that go along with an extrovert personality may actually give this type of person some advantages in the personal finance department.


Here are 7 advantages extroverts may have when it comes to money…

1. They May Have Better Job Prospects

Extroverts may be inclined to go after and accept a larger pool of job opportunities. While introverts may prefer more low-key, solitary, behind-the-scenes work, an extrovert may view a variety of job opportunities and figure out way to make them work to their own advantage. They can find success in a variety of industries and often feel comfortable with adapting to new and fast-paced environments.

2. They May Have Better Networking Success

For extroverts working in sales and similar jobs, their ability to be socially adventurous and confident can provide more opportunities for earning and investing money. So much of business revolves around making the right connections and networking with the right people. Because extroverts are not wallflowers by nature, they are more likely to jump right in and get to know everyone. They are also more likely than their counterparts to even show up for networking events.

3. They May Be More Successful at Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Extroverts are more willing to take chances if they feel it will be worth their while. This quality may help with entrepreneurial ideas and actions. Extroverts may be more likely to take business risks that earn them more money and power in the long run.

4. They Might Be More Willing to Make Creative Investments

Extroverts like to know what is going on and become involved. Through their networking, they may have opportunities to learn about different types of investments or investment ideas that are considered outside of the box. Their ‘go for it’ attitude can be financially rewarded when the right choices are made.

5. They May Be More Willing to Try New Things

Extroverts may be willing to try new things while introverts will tend to hang back. Being willing to take risks on new ideas, perspectives, and products can work to an extrovert’s financial advantage both in earning more money and saving the money they already have.

6. They May Be More Dedicated to Getting a Fair Deal

When extroverts are on the end of a raw deal, they may be more aggressive about setting things right. Introverts will avoid controversy in most situations but extroverts won’t back down until they feel like they have received a fair deal.

7. They May Be Inclined to Make Faster Decisions

They say opportunity only knocks once. Extroverts may be more willing to open the door to opportunity and make faster decision about moving forward. In some cases, quick decisions can be disastrous to one’s financial life but in others one’s ability to think on their feet and be willing to go for it can be highly lucrative.


Are you an extrovert or an introvert? I’d love to hear what advantages you think come with each personality type. 

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