51 Things to Spend Your Money on Other Than Gas

51 things to spend your money on other than gas

There are more exciting places to take your money than the pump!

The current cost of gasoline is averaging around $3.80 in Denver and DC, $3.90 in Portland, $4.00 in LA, and $4.10 in Chicago.  That means that you urbanites dwelling in these cities and beyond are spending at least $50 a month in gas.  Here at And Then We Saved, we practice “Saving where we can, so we can spend where we want.” So it’s all about utilizing public transportation, hopping on your bike, or commuting – if the distance is less than 10 minutes by car – just walk.  Plus, we need at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted exercise per day anyways!

This list is based on the notion of freeing up 50 dollars per month.

51 Things to Spend Your Money on Other Than Gas…

  1. A new pair of running shoes.  It’s probably time.  Your feet will thank you!
  2. That coffee table book you’re dying to have but can’t justify splurging for.  Mine’s Assouline’s Gypset Travel.
  3. A Voluspa Maison Noir candle.  Tuberose Di Notte is where it’s at y’all.  They last for basically ever.
  4. Something thoughtful for Father’s Day.  Preparedness makes for better gift giving.
  5. A few patterns of Free People’s widebands i.e. the right kind of head gear.
  6. The specialty cooking ingredients that you find at your small grocer.
  7. Cute tee, cuter philosophy.
  8. Dinner for two. Find a new, local favorite by utilizing the Scout Mob app.  They offer savings similar to Groupon or Living Social without the investment up front.  Reduce spending on your own terms!
  9. New sheets.  Ahhhh.
  10. Aegean Blue jewels
  11. These summer shoes, for when you want the comfort of the flat but the ease and breeze of a sandal.
  12. A collodion print from the work of Denver native Kristen Hatgi Sink.
  13. This crocheted kilim bikini top from Billabong to pair with any solid pair of bottoms.  To die for.
  14. A few more plants from your local nursery before it’s too late.
  15. Some reflective eyewear to follow suit this season.  Hot.
  16. REI’s Byer camping hammock, perfectly portable for all your summer adventures.
  17. A few magazine subscriptions because even bloggers realize there’s nothing that does the trick quite like print.  Start with Kinfolk.
  18. Personalized stationary.
  19. Friendship bracelets for your clan.
  20. A manicure/pedicure with a fat tip.  Treat yo’self.  You deserve it and so does your nail technician.
  21. The floppy hat
  22. A gym membership
  23. A rear rack for your bike, it makes the commute home from the farmer’s market much easier
  24. Quality headphones
  25. A fresh bottle of perfume.  I wear Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue – it’s a classic crowd pleaser.
  26. Send a flower arrangement to your friend at her office when you know she’s in need of a pick-me-up.  Never underestimate the power of a surprise.
  27. A bottle of 2009 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon.  Now that’s a good bottle of wine.
  28. A thirty-minute facial.
  29. An old record player from you’re local furniture consignment shop.  Vinyl always wins.
  30. The small (and hidden) tattoo that you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about getting.
  31. The big 1960 ring that House of Harlow has graced us with
  32. Tickets to a show for you and a beau!
  33. Patti Smith’s gripping memoir:  Just Kids.  It’s the love story of two undiscovered artists just making their way.  I usually encourage renting books at the library, but this one is so good that you’ll want to buy it and pass it along to a friend; and then probably go buy a few of her records.
  34. One of Jimmy Marble’s banners.  Ok, ok I know – these aren’t near 50 bucks.  But get two of your roommates to pitch in, and voila!
  35. Dress up your throw pillow witha case from Furbish.
  36. Also slightly over the budget, but I couldn’t resist suggesting this bright skull-tastic bracelet from The Woods on ShopGoldyn.com
  37. An annual pass to your closest national park.  My Virginia friends enjoy access to the Shenandoah mountains on a year-around pass for $30.
  38. Need your makeup done for an event?  Go to the Mac cosmetic counter and let them take care of you.  It’s complementary with the purchase of $50 worth of products.  Once you’re all dolled up you’ll know exactly what’s worth the splurge.
  39. A fabric steamer.  What wrinkles?
  40. Leandra Medine, otherwise known as The Man Repeller, suggests this patent floral mini satchel.
  41. Board games.  Yep, you heard me.  Bring the game night back.  Surrounded by the right people, Jenga, Boggle, Rummi Kub are all worthy of your Saturday night.
  42. White jeans! It’s almost time.
  43. Plush beach towels.   The bigger the better.
  44. Binoculars, for watching the stars in the sky.
  45. West Elm’s Melamine Plates – picnic ready and outdoor soiree appropriate!
  46. That insanely low airline fair on Southwest
  47. Cupcakes for the colleagues.  The craze is real y’all.
  48. Some yoga gear.  It’s motivation.
  49. A painting class.
  50. A legit picnic basket.
  51. A feast. Go to the grocery store, get fancy olives, soft cheese and crackers, a great cut of meat (if you’re into that sort of thing), some veggies, and an amazing dessert.


What are some of the purchases you’ve rewarded yourself with for creating new, positive habits? What do you like to spend money on other than gas?!

Pro-chance and fancy free, lifestyle blogger Lauren Mikus lives gratefully in the burgeoning city of Denver.  Soon, her website, The Serendipper will launch!


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    1. Lauren

      I know! I have to budget $100 per week for petrol in Perth and another $50 per week for my husbands train pass! Cost of everything in Australia is getting out of control.

  1. Kelly

    I try to carpool to work when possible but luckily I can walk to almost anything I need from my apt once I’m at home! Unfortunately it would take waaaaayyy too long to take public transit to work, and I value my sleep.

  2. Joey@thegreengazelle

    I just have to add the game Dixit to #41. It is such a fun, creative game. It’s our new favorite.

  3. Archana

    And Patti Smith ! I cant admire you enough for recommending that book. Its one of my all time Fav. And ‘Because the night’ is something i listen to, on repeat till my husband gets annoyed. Loved your list. Make it a tag? I would love to make one on my blog as well.

  4. Dennis

    Nice list, Anna! Saving becomes easier when you visualize the benefit and what you get instead of something… I must say you really do notice cool details of life :)

  5. Alyssa

    I spend like $50 a week on gas. I have a gas guzzler of a car, work 20 minutes from work with busy highways and no good public transport options. And a relationship that is 30 minutes away. :( Biggest bummer in terms of finances!


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