Well, “Financially Overleveraged” Is One Way to Put It.

financially overleveraged

I don’t usually post things like this but I just can’t help myself. It’s got me so fired up and upset! I was just taking a quick look at Facebook and saw that my friend, Moorea Seal, posted about Gwyneth Paltrow’s site Goop being completely, utterly in debt but not wanting to use THAT terrible, ugly word.

Before I get too tangent-y this is what she said:

“Actually, we don’t like to use the word ‘debt’; it’s too traumatic and sounds low-class. Instead, we use the term ‘financially overleveraged’, which means that technically the money we have is not currently present in a tangible sense, but that we know we have money and are extremely secure in a spiritual understanding of finance.” – Gwyneth Paltrow. (Goop isn’t making Enough Money and Is 1.2 Million in Debt.)

I would love to call up companies and say, very nicely, of course, that “we have the money but it’s just not in a tangible state.” I wonder how that would go down?

To say that using the word ‘debt’ or that actually HAVING DEBT is low-class is such a snotty and unfortunate thing to say. Does her quote make you as mad as it makes me!?!?!

**UPDATE: April 24, 2014

Thanks to the readers who commented and told me that they didn’t think Gwyneth Paltrow actually said the above quote. Many of you seem to think the writer of the article that I link to above was just being facetious. Guess, there’s only one way to clear this up, I need to have a one-on-one call with Gwyneth. :) Obviously, it’s hard to know for sure if  she really said it or not but I hope she didn’t and if she indeed did not say it then I guess I got duped… :/ and my apologies to Gwyn, and y’all for getting all soap-boxy.


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How Broke Are You? Quiz

help me i'm poor

Being broke sucks so let’s have some fun with it, how ’bout?

I’ve done just about everything on this quiz at sometime or another (sometimes because I HAD to and now mostly because I WANT to– it makes big difference when that shift happens!;) And I cracked up when I saw the “Do You Cut Your Own Hair?” question because of yesterday’s post. So, How Broke Are You? Take the Quiz then let me know what results you get.


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How to Cut Your Own Hair – An Updated Guide!

How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.comIt’s been a little while since I did my last How to Cut Your Hair Tutorial so when I started thinking about going for a shorter, spring-time cut I knew I had to share the process with you here. My hair had gotten really scraggly and thin (postpartum hair loss is not cool, btw) since I had the baby and it was definitely not a cute look. I have seen so many beautiful, long, choppy bobs on Pinterest lately so those were my inspiration. I also knew I wanted to keep my hair long enough to pull back into a ponytail because let’s be honest, having a little baby around means high-maintenance hair is just not gonna work!

This hairstyle has ended up being the perfect mix of my needs: easy to cut, the choppy look I was going for was simple to accomplish, the hairstyle looks polished by throwing in a few hot rollers (I used those for my hair in the above picture), and my hair can still be pulled back into a ponytail so the baby can’t pull it like he likes to do.

Let’s get started!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Stay calm! :) - Cutting your hair, especially for the first time can feel kind of intimidating. It’s really only scary the first time you do it. Just remember, if you totally jack up your hair you can always go get it cut/fixed by a pro but at least you have a shot at saving considerable money if you try cutting it yourself first.
  • Just like anything, practice, practice, practice! - If you’re not happy with the results the 1st time you can always snip more to craft the ‘do you DO want. Opt for a longer version of the cut you want so you can have some wiggle room for adjustments. 
  • Think ahead. - If you have a big event coming up maybe cutting your hair yourself for the first time *might* not be the best idea. My mom always says, “Bring a tried and true dish to parties, not something you’ve never made before.”  Basically, you don’t want to try out a new recipe or in this case, a new haircut, if you’re not sure it’s going to work.
  • Perfectionists need not apply. I can tell you from experience, cutting your own hair can be an adventure. ;) Sometimes the hair is a wee bit longer on one side than the other, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. “Mistakes” and/or “imperfections” are the name of the cutting your own hair game, especially in the beginning.


  • Hair cut inspiration - Having a plan is vital, that way you won’t be making things up as you go.
  • Hair Cutting Scissors - One of the best things you can do for your DIY haircut is to get a pair of real hair-cutting shears. In the last haircutting tutorial I used craft scissors and since then I’ve gotten legit, sharp scissors that are made specifically for hair, and they have made the biggest difference!
  • Mirror – To check the back of your hair.
  • Fine Tooth Comb - I love using the pointy end of this comb to make clean parts. Something about a sharp part really takes a hairstyle to the next level.
  • Hair ties or clips for sectioning off the hair.

How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com

The before and after.

How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com

1. I like to cut my hair dry so I can see the progress I’ve made. If you want to cut your hair wet then take into account that when it dries it will shorten up.

2. Decide how long you would like your hair to be.

3. Divide your hair into 2 sections. Pull the sections over your shoulders, and put hair ties right above the length you want your hair to be. If you have shorter hair than I started out with then just do a modified version with clips instead of the using the pigtail method that I did.

How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.comHow to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com

4. Take a deep breath and start cutting! Since I wanted a choppy long bob I cut straight across for this initial cut. If you don’t want blunt ends like I did then cut into the hair at 11:00 or 2:00 angles, depending on what direction you’re coming at the hair from.

5. Do the other side.

How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com

6. Next, pull the hair into a low ponytail and clip off the point. By clipping off the point you’re eliminating the V shape. If you want the V shape in the back then skip this step.

How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com

7. Refine your cut by trimming the ends, and cut any pieces that are strangely long. While I started with a straight across blunt cut I did the refining cuts at the 11:00 or 2:00 angle so I have a mix of softer angles and blunt edges. If you cut at the angle rather than straight across the hair will look better as it grows out.

How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com8. Now it’s time to do the front of your hair. Use your comb to smooth and straighten the front section of hair that will frame your face. Use your fingers to create a straight line and then clip the hair under your fingers again with the 11:00/2:00 angle.

How to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.comHow to Cut Your Own Hair andthenwesaved.com

9. Fluff, then take a look at the back of your head and straighten up/clean up any areas that need a bit of tweaking. If after you take a shower you notice your hair needs a little more modifying then trim it up. I ended up doing that with my cut until I got it just right. I just clipped a little bit at a time and kept checking it out to see how it was looking as I went.

10. You did it! Congrats!


Do you think you’ll be trying a homemade haircut? If you already cut your hair yourself do you have any tips that you can add?

Thanks to Aaron for taking the photographs! 


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